January 28, 2020

Is 2020 the right time to buy Instagram likes?

Instagram is becoming the prime marketing and advertising platform; more and more brands are getting tempted to buy those likes to withstand the competition. Instagram Likes, Comments, Follows, etc are all available for sale on the internet market.

But is 2020 the right time to buy Instagram likes? Is it even worth buying the likes?

It is the right time if you are an individual with no real intention of trying to become Instagram famous in the near future. You can buy the Instagram Likes and get your like numbers up to as much as you want. Buying likes is definitely a good idea, especially if it’s done right. Companies like BuyTrueFollowers and InternetMarketingRocks can help you make sense of this.

But if you are a brand and thinking of buying likes, it might not be the best idea for your business. It will just lead to a waste of time and money.

Why Buying Likes isn’t a Good Idea?

When your real followers discover that a lot of your likes are fake accounts and bots, they wouldn’t trust you anymore. You will lose those customers who could have been an asset to your business.

Also, just having a lot of likes will not lead to sales. The bots and lines of scripts used to give likes can’t make a sale with you.

The likes just display your business a little more popular than it is and impresses some users to come to visit your profile. But you can’t always fool them. If you have a disproportionate number of likes and comments on a lot of your posts, users will get to know that a lot of those likes are fake.

Apart from that, Instagram also removes these inauthentic likes from your posts from time to time. If your account is found doing it again and again, it might get banned. Instagram started using artificial intelligence tools to control and erase these fake likes. So, think more than twice if you want to take the risk of buying likes.

Now some might say that these things happen when you buy auto likes which are done by bots and lines of scripts and not when you buy active accounts.

The thing is buying those so-called active accounts likes is also of no good. A lot of websites available on the Internet that are claiming to provide with active accounts likes are fake. They just provide the same old bots to like your posts.

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And even if you find a place online which you tried and got active likes; they are not going to add any significant value to your business. You just can’t buy your way into a business. Only the people who are genuinely interested in your brand are going to have business with you. The accounts who got paid to like your profile are not interested in that.

Experiments have been done before which proves that promoting your brand in an organic way leads to more than double the sales than just adding a bunch of likes and followers purchased from the internet market.

If you are going to spend money, then spend it on Instagram ads. Promote your best content by different kinds of Instagram ads available. Do Promoted Posts. You will get much better results doing this.

Therefore, No, 2020 is not the right time to buy Instagram likes and there might not ever be the right time for it.


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Imran Uddin

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