November 13, 2019

Is Elastic search the best search extension for Magento 2?


Are you one of those who is fed up of searching for your desired items? Magento 2 does not have a desirable search experience and one would definitely need to opt for an extension in order to get the most ideal experience. The new Magento 2 Elastic Search helps the user to get the most amazing search experience they could have thought of. The search engine will help you find the most ideal search items within milliseconds. There is an additional auto correct option that helps you get through the small errors.

Let’s have a look at some of the best features of the Elastic Search;

  1. Did you mean *this*: As mentioned earlier, this option helps customers to get rid of the small mistakes that they do while searching for various items. For example, in case you added a wrong search item that has a small spelling mistake. Rather than showing that no such product exists, the search engine will show you all the similar spelled products for you to choose one. This helps the customers to having the knowledge of new products too.
  2. The Synonym Filter: Similar to the option mentioned above, this option will help the customers get a wide variety of products similar to the ones they searched for. The admin will help in adding multiple products or categories that have similar meanings making the search process easier for the customers. Alongside the synonyms, there is an additional Stop Word Filter, that restricts all the unwanted and unnecessary words from the search engine.
  3. Search Suggestions: There will be a number of times when you would want to search for the product, but you just cannot recall its name. Well, with the new search engine extension, customers can search for all the products or categories that they have in mind by simply inputting the related keywords. The search engine will help you search all the products relevant to that keyword.
  4. Module configuration: This is a unique function that people can practice. The admin can choose if they want to have a multi match or a simple match query. Similarly, there is an option to select an and or and or function for the search. The best part about this engine is that it can use multiple languages within the search engine. There is an option to restrict the number of matches which allows the user to have limited matches per result.
  5. Index Management: The admins have the right to set up an option for Index management. This option can be reinvented and set on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The admin also has the option to set up a schedule and update on a regular basis or have it updated using the Save mode option. Any modifications to the original document are to be catered in the Elastic search engine with respect to the date and time. There are multiple functions that the admin can take help from.

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