May 22, 2020

Is Homeschooling Really Homeschooling?

If you paid any attention to the mainstream media about homeschooling, you would come to the following conclusions:

  • Homeschooling is used by weird religious zealots who abuse their children.
  • Homeschooling cripples a child’s chances regarding gainful employment prospects.
  • Homeschooling is too burdensome for the parents, which is why it is inferior to government schooling.

Some of this may have had a tinge of truth in the past, before the internet. Since the digital age, however, the gap between reality and the homeschooling myths is growing ever wider and unsustainable.

Malignant Agenda

If one business is in close competition to another, as they fight for the same market share, you tend to find one directly targeting the other with negative ads. After all, this is the essence of modern political campaigns, let alone your neighborhood’s small businesses.

The same is true for education. In the end, it is an economic activity, with economic actors, and an established business – government education – doesn’t like it when a viable competition appears. In the age of the internet, such viability has never been clearer. This is why you should take with a grain of salt when anyone starts to slander homeschooling.

For example, even educators from elite establishment universities lie about their intentions. They tend to pretend these huge problems don’t exist:

  • Brutal bullying;
  • Overcrowded, diversified, and disordered classrooms in which there are huge gaps between cognitive and linguistic aptitudes of students;
  • Ideologically colored curriculum bent.

Instead of addressing such urgently dire problems of government schools in the United States, ideologically-driven establishment educators prioritize a threat to their market positioning. In the case of Elizabeth Bartholet, Harvard Law School professor, she is very worried that her ideological agenda will halt as more parents turn to a curriculum that is less ideologically driven.

Of course, when one veers off the establishment course, an assortment of labels is flung in one’s general direction – Christianity, conservatism. In the eyes of establishment educators, parents don’t have the right to propagate their belief systems to their own children. This prerogative exists solely in the hands of government bureaucrats.

It is very important to understand this. As the United States becomes more racially diverse, its education system worsens by the day. And as it does, Ivy League ideologues will continue to harangue people who opt out of it.

New Dawn of Homeschooling

Before the Internet, homeschooling was just what it sounds like. Dedicated parents are taking charge of their own kids’ education. However, in the last three decades, homeschooling has advanced to a viable government alternative to education. Today, homeschooling can be best understood as a system of:

  • Homeschooling networks formed by parents or existing organizations that hire private teachers.
  • Alongside teachers and parents, augmented by online learning platforms.
  • Greater emphasis on peer-2-peer student collaboration, also significantly boosted by online communication platforms.

As you can surmise, today’s homeschooling offers everything an education could possibly have to offer, but without the worry that your child is being brutalized because of the color of his/her skin, or that your child can’t learn anything in severely diversified classes full of immigrant children who can’t even understand English.

As such, homeschooling poses a huge threat to the establishment and will be relentlessly attacked and smeared. In fact, you can completely dismiss the homeschooling myths mentioned in the introduction. The fastest-growing homeschooling demographic comes from well-educated, middle-class, secular, and urban families. After all, they are most afflicted by diversity. When it comes to academic performance, peer-reviews studies show the following:

  • Homeschoolers perform better on standardized tests.
  • Homeschoolers perform better as a real essay writer.
  • Homeschoolers have higher college retention.
  • Higher entrepreneurship due to self-directed learning.

Four key educational metrics achieved without the likely emotional trauma from government schools.

Rethinking Government

Many secular and urbanized parents are becoming aware that their government doesn’t hold the best interests for their children. The US government is more concerned with keeping the borders open so that more immigrants can slash wages. This is good for Big Business, but not so much for the people. And as more immigrants come, the worse the schools will get. Outside of not being able to provide anything superior to homeschooling even in ideal circumstances, the United States infrastructure will strain under the influx of unstoppable waves of migrants.

As we leave the coronavirus debacle behind us, every parent should reconsider the path they send their children on. Only a lack of engagement is stopping parents from realizing that homeschooling would be cheaper and better for their kids.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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