January 28, 2021

Is WinRAR Free To Download? How Does It Help In Compressing Files?

WinRAR is a trialware file archiver utilized for the Windows system.  A trialware program hints at set up, installed for days or sometimes months. Additionally, it is also known as an archive manager and is useful for data compression. It allows you to reduce large files and remove compressed files.

The benefits of the system are below;

  • The compression utility feature of the application is ahead of everyone. It creates smaller archives, which saves disc space and transmission costs.
  • With its purchase, you can get hold of the latest technology on your computer or laptop.
  • The software extends its support for 8,589 billion data bytes. In addition, for practical points, it offers an unlimited number of archived files.
  • It also offers the capability to make self-extracting and multi-volume archives.
  • In case you get hold of physically damaged archives, you can reconstruct them with the application. The recovery record and recovery volume feature offer the ability to cater to the damage.
  • The program is shareware, which means you can use it for free for 40 days. After this period, you will have to purchase it.
  • The best of all features is that it is easy to use and less confusing for beginners.

It is due to these benefits that many people use, and many are thinking of trying it. Some people do wish to use this archive manager, but due to lack of understanding, they are skeptical about using it.If you are among these people, it is time to learn some basics!

Don’t worry; we have got your back. All your queries will answer as you read through our blog. Brace yourself, and acquire knowledge about the friendly archive manager.

Is WinRAR Free To Download?

There only a handful of software that people can use for free. Generally, to use the software, people are required to purchase it or pay a fixed subscription fee. Fortunately, there are some software that offer both, and WinRAR is one of them.

In simpler words, you can download WinRAR and use it for 40 days, known as the trial period. To add to it, people who have downloaded it have spread the word that the trial lasts longer than its said time period.

Additionally, for its core features, you aren’t required to pay a hefty amount. On the other hand, to access and use the special features designed for large businesses, a user will have to pay a certain amount. Thus, if you are looking for reliable software to compress your files, get hold of the application for free. Trust us; you can use it efficiently before the trial period ends.

How Can You Compress The File Using WinRAR?

When we talk about compressing the file using WinRAR, we actually mean reducing the file size. In turn, these files occupy less storage on hard drives or wherever you want to store them.

So, how do you do it? It is quite simple. All you have to do is, follow these easy steps and get rid of extra data that is occupying large space in your computer or laptop.

Step 1: Pinpoint the files that you want to compress using WinRAR.

Step 2: Right-click on the selected file or files.

Step 3: Select the option that says ‘add to file.’

Step 4: After this, a new window will pop-up on your screen. Your next step is to name the file, its format, and the update mode. This will help you decide what to do with the old and new file, whether you want to keep the old one or replace it with the new file.

There are other options available. Look into them, and opt it accordingly.

Step 5: The last step is to click the ‘OK’ tab. In a few minutes, a compressed file will be accessible on the screen of your computer.

The good news is that with this application, you can reduce the file as much as you want. When a new window pops up in the fourth step and configuration options are listed in front of you, make a change in it and choose the desired file size.

All you have to do is to create a solid archive checkbox. Next, press the advanced tab, and click compression. Check all the force options, and set the general compression up to 64. You will then see a compressed form appear on the screen.

How To Extract A File With WinRAR? 

For extracting and unzipping a file using WinRAR, follow these steps;

Step 1: Pass the file in Explorer. Right-click on the selected file. You will see three options on your screen, and you can opt for one according to your requirements. The options are:

  • Extract files: This option offers you to customize the new file location.
  • Extract here: The option hints that the file is opened in the new folder.
  • Extract to: The option hints at a new folder, created with a new name.
  • Now choose an option and click OK.

Step 2: If you opt for the second or the third option, you will unzip the folder at the specified location. However, with the first option, the window for WinRAR is displayed.

Step 3: The WinRAR window displays several options. Choose an option from the update and overwrite mode. Now click the tab for saving settings. In case you don’t click it, the settings will go back to the previous one.

Unarguably, WinRAR is a powerful tool that is a host of integrated additional functions. Additionally, it helps you in compressing and organizing large files, archives, and folders. Besides, it also offers a feature to split archives into single volumes.

The software is also considered an ideal option for multimedia files. It recognizes and selects the best compression for these. Thus, once you download it, follow our lead to compress and extract the files. The process is easy and lends a hand to beginners.

Get your hands on it and compressed files in one go.

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