December 25, 2018

iSkysoft Best Free Data Recovery Software for iPhone, Windows and MAC/PC

Hi geeks here we are again. Most of us lose data from our iOS devices like iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad due to large number of different circumstances which causes lot of distress to users. You may have relied on many data recovery tools to recover and would have spent some bucks up on them. Here I recommend you to experience a wonderful Data recovery software iSkysoft which is absolutely free and most reliable.

iSkysoft Data Recovery tool is an top notch tool which serves to recover lost data from iOS devices and Windows  operated system devices. The ideal aspect of iSkysoft is that it is compatibility with iOS and Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/Xp which are operated on newer hardware’s and new models. iSkysoft recovers data when we lose data accidentally corrupted or deleted. After the first time installation user is facilitated two recovery modes as:  “Recover from iTunes Backup” and “Recover from Device.” Where “Recover from iTunes Backup” facilitates user to extract files directly from the backup copies iTunes automatically creates whenever an iOS device is synced. “Recover from Device” facilitates users to recover information directly from a device that is connected to their computer with the USB cable.

connecting to a device

The unique factor of iSkysoft is that it recovers not only documents, but also archive files, email, music, photos, video, and more can be recovered. This software tool is most enhanced which is so powerful to recover virtually any data in to time without destroying anything. My review would assist you out to recover deleted files using software in Mac and Windows easily in minutes.


Install iSkysoft from the official website or click on the link at the end of the review. Default format of the tools allows users to recover data after installation to recover the lost data in one piece.

How to Install iSkysoft:-

  1. Select your OS and download iSkysoft recover software from the official website.
  2. Download for Windows Free Version and for mac version.
  3. Install and run it after downloading.
  4. The moment you open the program you would witness four options and go by your specifications
  • Lost Data Recovery: Retrieval of lost data accidentally deleted by Command + Delete or emptied from the Trash bin.
  • Raw Data Recovery: Recovery of files by “file signature” from hard drive can be completely scanned.
  • Partition Recovery: Data from corrupted, deleted, lost and resized partitions can be recovered.
  • Resume Recovery: Easy to save scanned results to perform the same recovery in future.

iskysoft data recovery software

User Friendly:-

There are two modes which are more users friendly and childlike easiness even for a person is aware of more software and its applications of devices which he is using. Users can recover all compatible files from newer devices. Users may also choose from camera roll information, photo stream information, photo library data, message attachments, voice memos and more for the recovery. Mesmerizing feature of iSkysoft is the ability to batch restore or selectively restore compatible file types. All in a short user can restore any sort of data from his corrupted device selectively or unselectively as per their specifications.

isksoft data recovery software for mac


Assistance for the users of iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery various ways. Online tutorials are available in the official website of iSkysoft. Users can get the assistance of iSkysoft through live chat available in their website and they can contact iSkysoft through their email and contact numbers.

Advantages of iSkysoft:-

  • Recovers data from a large number of devices safely and quickly without any data loss.
  • Easy to scan data and recover.
  • Easy graphical interface which enables to recover partitions in the corrupted storage device.
  •  Various data formats can be previewed and restored


  • Unavailable for the previous versions of Mac.
  • Users cannot recover as many file types from newer iOS devices as they can from older ones.
  • Lack of support for older versions of the Mac OS X operating system.

Final words:-

iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery is user friendly recovery tool and helps the users to recover all sorts of files from various Apple devices. The unique feature is that it performs recovery from both iTunes and without iTunes and its high performance. I would strongly recommend you all to experience this wonderful recovery tool. It is amazing.

You can download it for Windows Free Version and for mac version.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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