May 25, 2018

11 Everyday Items With Unknown Hidden Features You Didn’t Know

Whichever room you are sitting in right now, there are chances that you see certain everyday things we generally don’t pay attention to details. In this modern world, our lives are full of little invisible things of manufacturing that we may not be entirely aware of. There are many household items we use daily that make our lives easier, a few of them have invisible features that you may not have noticed before.

Fascinating stories and creative ideas are hidden behind those features. We bet you would be shocked at the number of different ways that a simple item can be used to do completely different. Even the people who made these things might not know half of the stuff their products can be used for. The things we use every day such as cell phones or car’s rearview mirrors have hidden features and secret histories that can make our lives much easier. It’s just a matter of learning what those secrets are!

Here are a few things that we all use in our everyday routines but not aware of their hidden features:

1. Hole in a Pen’s Cap:

Hole in a pen's cap

Generally, most of the pens with caps have a hole on its lid and we don’t care why it is designed so, isn’t it? But there is a major purpose behind it. Earlier in the US, nearly 100 people use to die from choking on pen caps which doesn’t have a hole on its lid. Thus, the design of the pen was changed as a part of international safety standards in creating the caps.

This way, even if someone accidentally swallows a pen cap, he/she can avoid suffocation due to the gap (hole) provided to it.

2. Little Hole on Elevator Doors:

Tiny hole on elevator's door

Have you ever got stuck in an elevator? It would be a horrible experience, isn’t it? The next time you get into an elevator, see if you can find a small hole in the elevator door. That small hole can save your life. Yes, it’s true. In case you are wondering what it’s for, it’s a keyhole. If the elevator doors ever get stuck and can’t open automatically, the hole helps operator open the doors manually if necessary. It might sound random, but it makes a lot of sense.

3. Copper Rivets on Jeans Pockets:

Copper rivets on jeans pockets

While everyone knows the function of each detail, many of us don’t know what those small copper buttons are for, isn’t it? Most probably, we consider them a part of the jeans design. But they have an interesting history with a purpose as well. These small buttons on your jeans pocket exist because they provide strength to the fabric from tearing apart when stretched.

4. Sneaker Holes:

Sneaker holes

Do you know that the shoes of basketball players have two extra holes each side? Even some of our shoes too might have those holes, but we just think it as a design. The actual reason behind extra holes is for better ventilation. They also help tie the laces tighter so no one rolls an ankle.

5. Tiny Hole at the bottom of a Lock:

Tiny hole at the bottom of lock

Have you ever spotted a tiny hole at bottom of the lock? The hole lets water drain otherwise it might freeze and break the lock. To keep the lock clean, you can also oil it from the hole.

6. Colored Toothpaste:

Normally, a classic toothpaste has stripes of three colors such as white, red and blue, why? We simply think it’s just a color, but there’s something secret behind it. Each color has different ingredients and purposes.

Colored toothpaste

White – contain substances that whiten the teeth and remove plaque. This is the most valuable ingredient in toothpaste.

Red ­– contains some vital elements for healthy gums.

Blue – has antimicrobial and breath-freshening effects.

Actually, dividing the toothpaste with different colors isn’t compulsory. It’s just a simple marketing strategy.

7. Chinese Takeaway Box:

Chinese takeaway box

You might never notice them. The takeaway box from Chinese food spot can be used as a plate by spreading it out flat. All you have to do is remove the metal handle and unfold.

8. iPhone Hole:

Tiny hole on iPhone backside

All the iPhone users, you must have unnoticed it by now, right? This hole is to record your voice properly, while you record. It is a microphone.

9. Dental Floss and Tangled up in their hands:

Dental Floss and tangled up in hands

The only way to avoid this problem is to tie the two ends together and it would be much easier and won’t hurt your hands.

10. Fuel Mark:

Fuel indicator in car

Ever noticed an arrow mark on the fuel indicator in a car?

The arrow points where your car’s fuel tank is present (Right or Left) from the driver’s seat.

11. Hole in the Handle:

Hole in the handle

You might have observed a hole is present on a frying pan’s handle and we think it is used to hand the utensil. But it actually works for a different purpose. It can be used while cooking, you can rest your spoon on it as shown in the picture.

After reading this article, you will surely use things in creative and fascinating manner. If you use any item in a unique and useful way, please let us know in the comments section below.

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