July 13, 2019

JungleeRummy.com Is Promoting Indian Culture of Rummy Gaming

As a nation that cannot get enough of its festivals, food, and Bollywood movies, we Indians love everything through which we connect and bond with our friends and family. Playing card games has been one of the many exciting things we have been crazy about. As card games have been an integral part of our socio-cultural lives for ages, it’s practically impossible to pick a specific point in history that marks the beginning of our association with card games, especially Indian Rummy.

With the emergence of online games, gaming companies like Junglee Rummy are in a way playing the role of an agency that is keeping intact the cultural significance that games like Indian Rummy are associated with.

Skill is wealth

In India, knowledge or skill is associated with Goddess Saraswathi. It is believed that anyone with good knowledge will be eventually blessed by the goddess of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi. Modern-day rummy has fabulous prizes and rewards that we can win using our skill. Platforms like Junglee Rummy provide a fair and transparent opportunity for everyone to win at rummy games and get huge cash rewards using their rummy skills. Rummy is dependent on a player’s mental skills, their ability to understand the opponents’ moves, and their expertise at adopting winning strategies. So, if you are skilled at playing rummy and smart enough to estimate your opponent’s moves, nothing can stop you from scripting success at rummy tables on a fair platform like Junglee Rummy.

Festivals and functions

Diwali and Dussehra are associated with prosperity in Indian culture. It is also customary to play card games like Indian Rummy at these festivals because it is believed to be a good omen to win on these auspicious occasions and donate the money for charity. From times immemorial, Indian households are abuzz with family members and their friends playing card games. The main objective is to play a fair game without cheating anyone while having great fun and a good time with everyone. To this day, the culture of playing rummy with family and friends at such festivals and social functions is very much alive with gaming platforms like Junglee Rummy offering all sorts of rummy games online. Not only can we win attractive rewards and bonuses, but we can also relive those moments by forming our rummy player communities consisting of our family members and friends and playing the game whenever we like.

Nurture relationships

Our fast-paced lives have taken us to far-off places but have in the process disconnected us from our near and dear ones. We still long to keep in touch with that childhood friend or a relative who showered love and affection on us in our growing years. We cherish those memories as much as we wish to relive and nurture those beautiful relationships. Online rummy games on gaming sites like Junglee Rummy make it possible to reunite with an old friend or a cousin and have the same fun that we had in childhood but longed for all this while, especially as the mobile rummy app is available now. Also, in the earlier days, card games were a means of bonding with one another. Today, online games deliver the same thing but packaged differently in tune with the changing times.


The online version of the famous Indian Rummy nurtures the sentiments associated with the game and promotes Indian culture. The only visible difference is that it is hosted on a larger scale, and the element of fun has increased multiple times.

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Anu Balam

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