June 15, 2021

JustFly Review: Is It a Scam?

Everyone wants to travel, but traveling is a privilege that isn’t offered to everyone—mainly because of how expensive plane tickets and other expenses can get. However, there are too many online booking agencies out there that you might get confused or overwhelmed as to which one you should choose. During your search, you’ve probably come across JustFly, but can you trust this online travel agent? You might have heard some red flags about this company, so in this review, we’ll detail everything we know about JustFly.

About JustFly

Based on our research, JustFly is an online travel agency just like other similar websites like Expedia and Orbitz. It was established by an experienced team that supposedly knows its way around the travel industry. With JustFly, you can easily look for low-cost airplane tickets that fit your budget. The online agency has partnered with more than 400 airlines, which is why it’s capable of providing its customers with incredible deals and prices that they just can’t refuse.

JustFly Lawsuit

Who doesn’t want cheap tickets? You’d be crazy to say no to an opportunity like that. However, in the case of JustFly, things just might seem too good to be true. Upon further digging, it appears that JustFly was involved in a lawsuit sometime in 2019. San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera was the one who filed the civil lawsuit against the online travel agency, reporting that the company uses misleading strategies and charges hidden fees, among other things.

It’s also worth noting that in only 2 years, JustFly had already accumulated over 2,000 complaints with the Better Business Bureau or the BBB. As we all know, reporting a complaint to the BBB is a big deal, and the fact that it was able to receive that many complaints within that span of time say a lot.

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JustFly Is Full of Hidden Fees

Speaking of hidden fees, the lawsuit notes three specific unfair practices practiced by JustFly. We’ll discuss each one below:

Unexpected Cancellation Fees

According to the US Department of Transportation rule, airlines have to offer customers free cancellation as long as they’re trying to cancel their booking within 24 hours. Although this isn’t really a legal requirement, many online travel agencies still follow this rule, most especially the major or renowned ones.

JustFly, on the other hand, requires its customers to pay cancellation fees even when the cancellation was made within the 24-hour window. Consumers have to pay a $75 fee for domestic flights, while international flights can go as high as $200. Many customers have fallen victim to this hidden charge.

Baggage Fees

The complaint also states that JustFly only has one baggage fee disclosure even though federal rules state that online travel agencies should state a disclosure in three different places. Plus, this note was written in minuscule text that most people would have a hard time seeing immediately. The text only states that JustFly may implement extra baggage fees. And even when customers finish purchasing a ticket, they don’t receive a note showcasing their specific baggage fees according to their fares.

Seating Assignment Fees

When it comes to seat assignments, you have to pay JustFly around $11.95 to $16.95 per flight on top of any fees that you have to pay the airline. JustFly’s fees are completely separate, and they get to keep the full amount. According to customer complaints, this information isn’t disclosed to the consumers. Otherwise, it’s not easy to notice right away either.


Putting into account this information, along with all the JustFly reviews and complaints available on the web, it’s quite risky to book tickets through this online travel agency. Most of the time, we want security and safety, and those are two things that JustFly may not be able to provide because it’s just too full of surprises. If you’re looking to book a ticket for a very important trip somewhere, then it’s best if you book somewhere else that has a reputation for reliability and transparency.

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