July 16, 2017

Kano’s Pixel Kit: A computer Made of Lights, Teaches Kids to Code With Colors

Following a host of delays, Kano’s Pixel Kit, the latest coding product for kids, is finally here to light up your kids’ imaginations. The Pixel Kit is cute, compact, colorful and is aiming to light up your kids’ coding world.

What exactly is Kano’s Pixel Kit?

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Kano’s Pixel kit is a build it yourself lightboard. The Kit comes in several pieces which are easily fitted together by children aged 8 upwards. The end product is a programmable light board that’s covered in an array of 128 LEDs. Once built, the Pixel Kit plugs into a PC, Mac, or Raspberry Pi via a USB cable.

With Pixel Kit, your kids can engage with art and technology at the same time. They can assemble the components and learn to control the device through the company’s software suite, which can help them get used to the fundamentals of coding.

The Pixel Kit is great for iterative learning. It comes with a number of challenges that enable you to build egg timers, a weather station, etc. One of the early games that users create is a treasure hunting game, where players have to navigate to the dot before it disappears.

Kano Pixel Kit

According to Kano, the Pixel Kit is aimed at anyone with an interest in coding, although the inclusion of three sets of stickers and the general look-and-feel suggest a relatively young target audience.

The Pixel Kit joins Kano’s list of products, like the Kano Computer Kit and Screen Kit. The inspiration for the company apparently came from the six-year-old cousin of one of the founders who wanted to build his own computer — and for it to be as simple and fun as Lego.

The Pixel Kit is available online for $79.99 at the company’s site. Download the Kano app, and your children will soon be programming their own light-based games and effects.

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