October 20, 2016

Keepvid Music Review – Transfer Music from iPhone/iPad/iPod to iTunes

It’s always hectic to find videos and music online for free legally. You end up searching a lot of websites and you don’t find the appropriate website for the video that you are looking for. How about having a single tool where you can search over 10,000 websites from a single portal. This is where KeepVid Music comes into picture. It helps you in downloading music, videos from various websites to your desktop.

Keepvid enables one to download the Music directly to Itunes and also helps in transferring the Music from iPhone/iPad/iPod to iTunes and vice versa. Keepvid music software can download videos / music from over 10,000 sites very quickly and easily.It also helps you to download videos from sites for totally free, including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Google Video, Metacafe, and so on.


Before getting started with the Keepvid Music one has to download, install and launch the software in the PC/Mac

About Keepvid Music

After installing the software you can see various option on the main page. On the front page of KeepVid Music software you can see the options like


Here you can Discover, Download and record  the music from Keepvid Music or get it from YouTube. Under Discover Tab you can search the music as per your wish list.  There are options such as Genres, Artists, Playlists, Toplists which enables you to choose music from any of the above and start downloading the one you selected.


This is a place where one can find the music or videos downloaded using keepvid music and  all the iTunes stuff such as Music, Movies, Playlists etc., You can sync them with keepvid music or delete the content if you want to.



Here you can connect the device such as Android, IOS, Windows. You can view all the content of the device and also view the options for transferring them.


Tool Box is something really useful. It allows you to perform various functions like Backup or restore iTunes if you are worried of losing the data downloaded, remove DRM,  rebuild iTunes Library, and transferring data from iTunes to Device etc.,

Setting Toolbar

Here there are lot more options to look into. Using this setting toolbar, one can log in and log out, switch over accounts, if you have gone for a licensed version you can check with the license status , set default language and default download music format, default path to save the data etc., .

How to get started for with KeepVid:

First, see which platform you are on and what you are looking for. Below we have listed various versions of KeepVid is offering for their users. Download KeepVid and then you can get started, browsing and downloading your favourite music/video without any hassle.

Is KeepVid Safe?

Yes, it’s 100% secure and you can happily download the software program without any security concerns.

  • Keepvid.com itself is safe and free to use. But Java might contains flaws or bugs so put your computer in a dangerous situation. Always update Java to the latest version or disable/uninstall it. For Mac, go to Gatekeeper (System Preferences > Security & Privacy). If Java is disabled, Keepvid will stop working.
  • Don’t click on the ads on Keepvid.com. It may contain malware or spyware and harm your computer.
  • Keepvid desktop downloader (currently unavailable) is safe to use. If you don’t like it, simply uninstall it from your computer.

KEEPVID itself is a site exclusively providing free YouTube/video downloading, thereforeit is safe for both PC and Mac. However, the downloading process requires Java installation, which comes in the form of pop-up and thereby reminds users of malware or virus. Java Applet is not malicious, too, but Java installation always comes along with useless tool bars or ads. In addition, there will be security warnings poping every time Java applet loads videos. If you prefer a more reliable way to download YouTube videos, you can consider

Currently, they are offering a free trial for all the users. But, once your trail has expired, you can certainly upgrade to PRO, to get the most out of it.

See here for detailed pricing plans for different platforms.

One can also export the iTunes library to Android device.


There is a detailed guide on how to Download Music from YouTube/Websites to Android Device in the official website.

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