February 15, 2021

Know the Importance of A Virtual Router and Where You Can Download It

A virtual router is a software that is designated to replicate the functionality and productivity of a hardware-based Layer 3 Internet protocol routing (IP) which is known as a traditional hardware device. Virtual routing is a type of NFV (Network Function Virtualization) and functions as the traditional hardware that is converted to software that can be run on standard hardware.

There are several advantages of installing and downloading a virtual router. Virtual routing liberates the IP routing function connected from the specified hardware, and routing functions can freely roam around a data center. In basic function, the routing software is added to the commodity server and then the piece of hardware becomes the router.

In some ways, pieces of routing software are moved around different networks and then can be managed via a control plane. This evolution has made things easy. It can dynamically function and the network needs can be easily adapted. These virtual routers function well and have become a go-to option for most people, specifically businesses.

There are several uses of the virtual router and that is why it holds great significance. Let us have a look at some pointers about what makes virtual routers stand out and hold importance in our daily lives. How important can it be?

A substitute to home-internet 

A virtual router is extremely important when it comes to home-internet or workplace-internet. Not every household has a subscription to the internet. Some people use their mobile data at home, without the need for a central network to connect with. The virtual router makes it easy for people to use 4G and cellular connection and share it with all the households’ devices conveniently. If you have a wireless router that does not work adequately, then you can share the cellular internet through wired Ethernet and the router would start functioning as it should. You can have better control over who can use your internet and once you switch off the option, the internet cannot be used furthermore. This is the most functional use of virtual routers and the biggest reason why it holds so much importance.


It is extremely feasible and convenient to move around with your virtual router without affecting its functionality. It has the ability to adapt to new applications and works adequately. It has the ability to scale resources and can add cores easily.

Saves bandwidth, data, and time

Most market routers do not have ad-blocking capabilities and therefore this generates additional hassle for the users. According to recent tests, blocking ads can save up to 55% of the bandwidth, and who does not wants that? For the metered connections, less amount of data is used. People opt for virtual routers because they are extremely friendly and play a great part in saving bandwidth. This does not apply to some people only, but all the clients that would be connected would get benefitted.

Wi-Fi Range

That is the most important factor why the virtual router is extremely significant. Whenever we work from home, especially in the context of today’s situation, we expect the internet connectivity to be fast and reliable as if you are standing right beside the Wi-Fi router. But do you think it is possible for every internet or router to range easily to your backyard or patio? Definitely no! But connecting the hotspot and the virtual router makes it easy to have a reliable internet speed, and all the devices that are connected to the virtual router get the strengthened signal and reliable internet speed.

Prevents all NAT issues and protects your privacy

By using a virtual router, you are can get a NAT type 2 and can connect your gaming console to the hotspot and enjoy online gaming! Another factor that makes a virtual router vital is the security and safety it provides. Most of the routers nowadays do not provides security protection but the best solution is VPN. Just share the VPN connection over Wi-Fi to a virtual router and you are good to go.

Downloading Virtual Router

A virtual router holds great significance. It ensures user safety and convenience. The use of a virtual router has made things much easier than before. Same as that, downloading a virtual router is not a big deal too. You can easily download it from different websites and can set it up conveniently. Many websites offer the downloading version for a virtual router, let us have a look at some of these websites.


Connectify.com is the best and the most reliable website that can you can use to download the latest version of any software. The same goes for a virtual router. The website has the latest version for Windows and it can be easily set up through the instructional setup dialogues.


The second option that can be chosen for downloading a virtual router is Softonic.com. Softonic has been around for a long time for providing reliable software for downloading and is the first choice of many people. It provides the latest version of a virtual router for you to download.

There is no doubt in saying that virtual router has made our lives much easier. Virtual routing has vastly developed and improved in the past year and has improved in various aspects. The virtual router now provides all the elements that are required for a reliable internet connection even when you are not near the internet device.

It lowers the hardware costs and costs even lower than the dedicated routers. Due to the liberation of IP function, people are getting more into the use of virtual routers as it allows you to roam and freely move around a data center of the network without worrying about the reliability of the internet. So, what are you waiting for? Download a virtual router now, and enjoy unhindered internet connectivity.

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