October 4, 2022

Learn Some Simple 3 Room Bto Designs for Families

The choice of apartments with a simple 3 room BTO design is a trend for many families because it meets many functions and creates a private space for members. If you are wondering which 3-bedroom apartment design to choose to be both beautiful and comfortable, the following article will help you choose a minimalist, modern, and unique style for your room. 


Simple 3-room houses BTO designs

How to make 3 room simple BTO design

Living room design

The living room in an apartment with three rooms usually has a comfortable area, so homeowners often prioritize the design of the kitchen and living room adjacent to each other. This functional layout gives a seamless look to the entire space, thereby helping to utilize natural light more efficiently.

For the living room area, the basic furniture needs to include a tea table, sofa, TV shelf and additional decoration with ceiling lights, floor rugs,… Homeowners should determine a design style in advance, then choose the main furniture and colors to harmonize with each other and create a living room space with a layout and expression.  

Kitchen design

The kitchen is the area that needs to be neat and tidy to facilitate cooking. Most apartment owners often choose wood or stone materials for the kitchen island and kitchen counters, which not only contributes to the aesthetics but also makes cleaning the kitchen easier.

In addition, it is also important to choose smart kitchen cabinets that save space and cooking equipment such as stoves, microwave ovens, and refrigerators. In addition, it is advisable to arrange each area in the kitchen, such as the sink, stove, and refrigerator, according to the rule of triangles to facilitate movement. A neat and clean kitchen also contributes to the refined and perfect beauty of your 3-room apartment.

Arrange the kitchen neat and tidy to bring a comfortable cooking space

Large bedroom design

In a 3-room apartment, it will usually include a large master bedroom. This bedroom will be designed exclusively for the host couple. Therefore, when decorating and arranging the interior, it is necessary to exude a cozy and romantic feeling while still fully equipped with amenities. You should use deep, warm tones or elegant, elegant colors such as beige and white.

In addition, it is necessary to prioritize the design with large windows or balconies to help create an airy and comfortable space to relax and rest. Essential basic items include a king-size bed, dressing table, nightstand tab, dresser, embellishment with a large mirror, night light, or wall art.

Ideas for a simple 3-room BTO design

Mirrors and glasses

For limited interior space, not too large, people often give the idea of ​​combining many glass surfaces. This design can transform your home into an airy, spacious, and aesthetically pleasing home. Glass panels and mirrors will expand your view to erase the narrowness of the space.

Besides, the glass panels also create conditions for natural light to be reflected everywhere in the room. The more natural light there is, the more beautiful and sophisticated the house will be. Besides, you can completely create your home by tearing down a few unnecessary separating walls. Combine glass panes to connect adjacent spaces as well as open up spaces that are no longer needed.

If you don’t use mirrors and glass, you can also replace them by painting the walls in light colors or adding glossy tiles. This also helps people get a room space with high reflectivity, making the space airy and the interior shinier. In addition, you can also combine industrial-style display cabinets with transparent windows to separate the living room.

Incorporating wooden elements

In addition to mirrors and glass, wood is also very versatile, so you can renovate and work well with different styles. If you are looking to expand the interior space, this is really a great choice. From there, you can bring natural warmth into your bedroom as well as the living areas by choosing from wood clothing or veneer cabinets. This also helps to keep the space airy and not stuffy.

Optimize space

In addition to the above manual methods, there are also many other clever methods for you to save space. Nowadays, there are many pieces of furniture that can help my friend optimize space effectively. You can opt for the otter with ample storage or choose the bed frame beds equipped with built-in drawers.

You can rest assured that this idea will not force you to give up some of the comforts of your home. It all needs to be arranged little by little so that everything doesn’t overlap. The furniture sides should also be sure to have enough space between the sides so that it doesn’t look constrained. If this is done, the room will become more spacious and airy.

Some other methods for simple 3-room BTO designs

Sliding partitions are always a smart solution for tight homes. Partitions both help you separate the functional areas clearly and help the house feel spacious when the sliding doors are stowed in a corner.

No matter how small an apartment is, when it receives the most natural light into the room, it still becomes more spacious and good-looking. Natural light not only helps to expand the small space but also helps the decorative colors inside the apartment become fresher and more beautiful.

Some other methods for simple 3-room BTO designs

There are spectacular colors that deceive the eye, making the house seem much larger than it really is. White serves as a backdrop for the walls and ceiling, and accent colors from the plaid rugs are a great way to make a room appear larger and deeper.

So the above article has brought you useful information for simple 3-room BTO designs. Find the right style for your home for the highest quality living space. If you need advice and to see more new models, you can go to Weiken.com. Hopefully, the sharing given specifically in the above article will provide you with useful knowledge in the process of interior design.

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