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Lebron James Instagram – Daily Updates & Gossips (Updated: 11/06/2019)

Lebron James Instagram is full of his achievements, business ventures, and family photos. Please check below for the latest Lebron James Instagram posts.

Lebron James Instagram

Lebron James entering into the stadium for the next game.

James aiming shots at someone for hating on him? Haven’t we seen enough passion and dedication from him yet?

Just another day and game for Lebron James. As always, he’s ready and on fire!

Happy Halloween from Lebron James family!

Those scissors look deadly. I wouldn’t mess with him tonight.

Lebron James having fun on court with Anthony Davis.

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How @laddersport all began 🚀💪🏾👑

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Well, you gotta do a plug here and there for your sponsors.

Is Lebron James aging or the reverse!




Lebron James son LeBron James Jr. rockin the Wades!

Lebron James is a proud dad. I think Lebron would love playing with or against his son in the NBA before he retires.

Lebron is having a day with Davis in their first preseason game with Warriors.

It looks like Lebron James wants to settle the debate as who’s the GOAT in basketball. The season has started, and Lebron looks better than ever!

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I’m so incredibly proud to share this moment with all of you. @gavinnewsom came to The Shop to do something that will change the lives for countless athletes who deserve it! @uninterrupted hosted the formal signing for SB 206 which will allow college athletes to responsibly get paid for their name and likeness. And it’s only right that Ed O’Bannon, who really started this journey, was in the The Shop to see his hard work pay off. Thank you @gavinnewsom and @senatorskinner for your leadership. To every one of you who have been in this fight (and there are a lot of you)- take a bow and be proud!!!! NCAA, you got the next move. We can solve this for everyone! #morethananathlete #gamechanging

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Lebron James has decided to jump in front and center into whether college athletes should get paid or not. Today, he was standing next to the Governor of California,  Gavin Newsom, during the signing of the historic legislation that would allow college athletes to start collecting earnings from selling their jerseys or other ventures that they start on their own, like Youtube, Instagram or SnapChat channels.

SB 206 would not go into effect until 2023, though. The law lets the NCAA decide on how they want to proceed and take the necessary steps to accommodate college athletes.

Lebron James and Anthony Davis are finally on one team—Lakers!

Lebron James is never done! He’s coming back for the championship.

Have you seen the new LeBron17? If not, check this video and see the amazing design and finish!

More pics of the new LeBron17. Man, that sole looks amazing!



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