January 7, 2015

10 Lessons Learned From Losing $35,050 due to Wrong Employment

Till date you might have read many articles on my blog on How much money I earn online every month from different networks, but this article is a little different one. I not only earn a lot of money online but also lose even more. For your information I am not a Blogger anymore and more of an Entrepreneur. Though my company All Tech Media Pvt. Ltd. was registered on March 18th and then started fully functional from April, I started ground work for the company from the beginning of the year itself i.e January 2014.

Why I Started All Tech Media Pvt. Ltd?

As an individual blogger I was earning more than $4000 every month. Which is way higher than what 90% of the MNC’s offer a fresh graduate. The whole idea behind starting All Tech Media was to build a company which can earn multi millions every month and automate the process of generating income and expanding the same in various fields of my Interest.

As an individual with a family I don’t need more than $3000 every month to pay my bills and live a reasonably comfortable life. Infact this is the salary I take every month from my companies income, rest goes into investments for further expansion.

1. Character, Attitude are more important than Knowledge if you want to do Business together

This is the biggest of all the lessons I have learnt till date. A person can be trained to be more knowledgeable but a person with bad attitude/character cannot be changed (A Leapord cannot change its dots). If you don’t like attitude of a person, better stay away even though it might be profitable for you. A person who is problematic tend to create problem at some point of time. So, better avoid any kind of business with such people even though if its profitable for you in short run as it will create issues in long run.

After all attitude is everything.

2. An Entrepreneur can never be an Employee

This is yet another biggest realization so far. All the people whom I hired are either bloggers who are earning or the people who have plans of earning well for themselves in future. So, even if I pay them very high salaries they always think of starting some business for themselves. Moreover I am into a very bad field where its very difficult to keep people within the company as an employee for a longer period. Internet Marketing doesn’t require much technical knowledge. Its all about technique, if you have learnt some good SEO and SMO techniques then you can build your own blog/website and earn some good money. However it might not last long in most of the cases as a blog or website needs lots of dedication to withstand in long run. But everyone needs more and more money as a saying say “You can never have sufficient money“. This leads them to do something gives them quick and more money. Its always better to avoid people who have entrepreneurial thoughts even if they are smart.

3. Don’t hesitate to say no if you don’t like something, get things written properly before you start as it could end badly later on

While registering the company they said that a Pvt. Ltd. company must need two Managing Directors. Ofcourse this law is now revised and now a Pvt. Ltd. company can be registered with only one Director. I don’t want anyone to be the Director of the company except me. But this situation has thrown me in a dilemma and I was forced to add one more Director. I could have added one of my family members as a Director just nominally but I don’t wanted to disappoint my companion at that time and was forced to add him into one of the Directors.

Again I didn’t had full faith on that person and just kept a nominal share of 10% which was not the actual share that he must get and this lead to a lot of problems later on.

Instead I would have simply added one of my family members as director nominally. At the end of the day its your family members who stand behind you no matter whether you are right or wrong.

4. The one who says that he doesn’t need money for his work is the one who gonna create mess at the end for Money

Every week many people come to me for employment and to work with me. As of now I am very choosy in selecting people but in the beginning I used to let many people in if someone requests me. Whenever someone comes to me they just say me that they are not here to work with me for money and they just want to work with me to have an experience. They also surprise me by saying that money is immaterial for them and they are not expecting anything from me which is Bullshit.

Till date all the people who came to me by saying that they don’t want money or had to maintain a relationship with me or want to learn work from me are the people who troubled me a lot. Such people approach me only for money and act as if they don’t need anything from me.

A real life lesson: A person came to me in the very early days of my company. He showed me his blog and everything. Traffic was decent but earnings were very low. Later I asked him to join my company to help me with hosting and wordpress which I was not well aware of these things initially. This person just said me one thing that he just need $300 every month as a salary from me and said that he is not expecting any kind of favour from me other than this. I was so foolish that I actually believed in this person. Later one day this person came to me and said that his parents were forcing him to go for higher studies as his salary is low currently. He also mentioned that he is not interested to go for higher studies. This again left me in a dilemma. Then I decided to hike his salary to $400 per month and later due to some silly reasons I again increased to $500 per month. This is way more than what most of the MNC’s offers a fresher in India. This same person later played a lot of game behind my back. He started dealing with clients directly and took money from them without the notice of the company. Due to this few clients actually stopped using our services. Truth has to come out some day and it did. We had to terminate him due to his illegal activities being in the company. This was the most brutal betrayal I had ever experienced and the most money minded person I have ever seen in my whole life.

5. Education and Academic Record Matters a Lot

Although being a very merit student myself since the beginning I don’t believe in marks and grades. I believe that different people have different passions and are tend to show interest in only their own field of interest. But what I realized is Education and a good Academic record are very crucial in life.

In my whole experience till date people with good academic record tend to behave wisely, have patience, understanding and most importantly moral values. Most of the students with bad academic record(Here am using the word most of them, there is a lot of difference between most of them and all of them) are poor in many aspects. Especially the people who don’t do well with their academics turned out to be Lazy and always comes up with some or the other Excuse to escape from work.

6. One Bad Apple can Spoil the Whole Bunch

The saying says it all. A bunch of Apples might get spoiled due to one spoiled Apple. Actually this is very true in real life as well. A negative thought doesn’t ignite in every mind at a time. Its only the one person to whom the negative thought might arise and this might influence others as well. So, if you find a bad apple in the bunch first separate it from the bunch.

7. Being Sympathetic is Bad while Recruiting

There is a lot of unemployment in India. Due to this many people are struggling in their lives due to lack of money. Now, stop being sympathetic towards such people. Every year thousands of students are getting recruited and lakhs of students are not getting proper job. Ofcourse I don’t deny the fact that there is a scarcity of jobs but we must also realize that there are many students who are getting jobs.

So, if someone doesn’t get a job its not the mistake of the system, instead its the person himself who doesn’t have proper skills to get into that particular job. Now you might be thinking why am I becoming too emotional. Yes, I have shown sympathy towards few people while recruiting due to their cruicial financial position but later the people whom I recruited didn’t work well and that didn’t turn out to be fruitful for me and I had to fire them later on.

If a person didn’t get job, its not the mistake of the system. Its the person himself who didn’t work hard to have the adequate knowledge to get placed.

8. Friendly atmosphere is not always good

Friendly work atmosphere is good in some cases but being serious towards work is more preferred than being friends. Atleast, its better to keep a distance from employees. An employ should love his job, not company. The same is the case of the company, A company should love the work of the employ and not the employ.

9. Too much of trust is dangerous

Yes, during the initial stages I used to trust people blindly as I was not aware that people can go to any extent for money. Its better to monitor each and every employ work using cameras and recorders.

10. Brace yourself to fight against even more odds

Being Entrepreneur’s we are bound to make many mistakes and we must be prepared to face all of them. No matter how bad a situation could go, we must be in a situation to handle it. After all its part of the game.

I always believe in one thing, nothing is permanent and nothing can remain permanent. What you have today might not be yours tomorrow. All you have with yourself is your knowledge. All the materialistic things can go away from you anytime. So, if you have sufficient knowledge and skill set then you can accomplish almost anything in your life.

I have recruited many people since the start of the company. Among them 14 employees turned me down and I had to lose over $35,050 in the form of salaries and I also gave a lot of money for my co-partners while I was removing them from the company so that they can have a better life later on. The most important thing to be noted here is that I have lost a lot of money but I have lost only the money I have earned till now. I personally didn’t put anything from my pocket other than a loan of $4000 from bank to clear few debts. Even though I was undergoing many downs that didn’t effect my personal life as by the time I started the company I was already very well settled with a own flat, car and all basic amenities. So, just $3000 a month could be sufficient for me to pay all my bills and lead a happy life.

If you need a little more insights about my Entrepreneurial journey do check out my about page.

So guys let me know your thoughts in your comments.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

Imran Uddin is a Professional blogger from India and on All Tech Buzz, he writes about Blogging, How to tips, Making money online, etc.

  1. Awesome post bro , truly some people deserve salute with mid finger . Bastards are everywhere. All posts are eye catchy , the way of writing is extremely convincing .
    best for a reason !!!

    I am amateur , take a look at my blog too

  2. Hii Imran,

    First of all a big thank you for revealing your experience where you get failed due to wrong decision and loosed $$$$$. There are very few peoples in blogging field who share their experience like you shared in this article.

    From this article, i learnt a lots of things and i am going to be more careful from now. I really agree with your precious words “An Entrepreneur can never be an Employee” and “Don’t hesitate to say no if you don’t like something”.

    Thank you so much bro for sharing this exclusive article and experience based article with us 🙂

  3. Lots of lessons in a very less span!

    Great achievement Imran.. All the best for your future..

  4. Such an inspiring article bro.you showed everything being enterprnuer how you have to be and not . After reading this article Most of enterprenuers and Bloggers will chose correctly.
    Thanks bro for sharing with us such a inspiring part in your Journey of All Tech Media.

  5. Yeah, It’s Exactly Correct Imran !
    An Entrepreneur can never be an Employee”

    That’s the thing I also experienced !
    But really nice article, All tips are correct and well explained !

  6. Awesome post by an businessman I think you are going to have a great future I can understand your feelings .even in starting I too asked about accompanying with you to develop with a start up company now I understand why you have hesitated to accept my request. And at last you were doing right thing . But select people and also you can start interviews so that you can establish the company to more states where many bloggers and newbies can join your company.And Imran bro if you don’t do that there are many upcoming bloggers coming into this field after knowing about you they might future competitors for you you can wisely use their skills if you start your expansion.anyway thank you for letting know people like me and have a great journey.

  7. Hello Imran

    First of all Thank you for sharing your experience and i have learnt alot from this article
    Your words are absolutely true

    All The Best For Your Future

  8. To lead a company into heights is Very difficult as far as i seen to take friends as your employees is big mistake. And proper attitude and behaviour matters a lot that i agree with you

  9. U Are The Blogging god mainly in AP whether u believe r not. Most of the people Got Success in their lives without entering into corporate jobs.I have seen So many People, money will get and lost one day But the Name & Fame will be through out end of life.Thats what we need. So,Dont Worry About These Bro!!! Do Whatever You Think We People are With You!! The Things will be Succeed at one day… I Am Also Faced These same like you i realized and doing my work.some day they will know what we poeple Are…. So,All The Best For your Future And keep Going Like Present.Forget About Past..

    Good Article About Your Experience Till Date. You Are Inspiration to Most of Bloggers.

    Thank You !!! 🙂

  10. when i thought about you, i always think one side of coin but this article is thought me every successful man/woman have another side of coin story like this to show us one side of coin….!!
    you deserve lot than other’s and you will get anything..

    may god bless alltechmedia

  11. If one leaves the company it’s his mistake, if 14 people leaves the company it’s your mistake !

    1. Read the article properly, no one left. I removed majority of them and few others were intentionally fired to leave the company themselves.

      1. This above comment s not made by me its clarity from my end and people are misusing my name appu.
        Check the email

  12. 1. Character, Attitude are more important than Knowledge if you want to do Business together

    It’s acceptable, mostly this is the reason in recruitment process HR wants to know personal character and attitude of the person instead of his technical skills because technical skills they can train but attitude and character they can’t, and as per my knowledge you didn’t had right process to recruit or analyse the person to work with you.

    When it comes to choose resource the main key point to success is learning people and listening their expectation upon the company.

    2. An Entrepreneur can never be an Employee

    Its true but you have to accept 60% employees in big companies have entrepreneur skillset. As you said in this kind of service this will happen normally. There is no way, we have to tackle it wisely.

    Encourage your employees to innovate and admire them for their innovation, this will keep them with you.

    3. Don’t hesitate to say no if you don’t like something, get things written properly before you start as it could end badly later on

    This was bad approach since both of you do not have same attitude, hope you learned good things at end of this siuation.

    4. The one who says that he doesn’t need money for his work is the one who gonna create mess at the end for Money

    Yes, everyone need money to live but that only should not be motive. I accept that but you should not increase pay suddenly as you told, as I already specified since you are running company you should had performance appraisal process. Hope, now everything goes well now.

    5. Friendly atmosphere is not always good

    You should have personal relationship with your juniors in office then it’s gonna be big disaster.

    Great article, all the best for your future projects.

  13. Try to recruit interns first.If you satisfied with their work then make them permanent.Many small companies are doing this.You can hire these type of people(who have skills bit no jobs) in small engineering colleges because these small colleges are not providing any campus placements.So the students ion those colleges can work with out salary and you can judge their work after recruiting them as interns.

  14. 🙂
    “Words from self-experience”
    This is naked truth , but we don’t want to experience it – until things happen.
    A lotus sprout form mud , but it doesn’t shows anything except Lotus.
    We must be practical in this world now a days.
    An entrepreneur must not be transparent, but solid to everybody’s eyes & thoughts.
    You must deserve their respect because, u Taught every thing what you got.
    They LEFT you because, they know what they GOT.
    Attitude BUILDING is a continuous process , it come from our experiences and views.
    So be BLISS-FULL about Ur PAST & be Peaceful about Ur FUTURE….

  15. I still remember the day when I’ve got to your company for working together. I thought of coming up for an addition of service. I worked a day and everything looked normal. I expected a call and I think I’ve done good if not the best.

    Later, I hear that because of someone’s influence, you have done something that you’ve done as a boss. I’ve always looked at you as someone who has achieved something at a good young age.

    But, to be honest, in life, trust everyone in life but not in business. Have friendship but not in entrepreneurship. The true way of doing a great business is to push your employees for the work they love and build them as leaders. Even companies like Microsoft give huge wages to Satya not for his 24 hour (maximum) spent, but for the vision he brings into a company and so does every employee thinks of their own benefit if the boss thinks of expansion in long run. I think I’m not wrong in this case.

    This bashan is not to say that something went wrong. It went in the right direction because there are a few things which I wanted to tell you at the beginning of the day 2. But, there wasn’t an opportunity. You’ve to make things turn around for long term in an organized way if you want to build the next big thing even if it doesn;t bring in what you think of having today.

    Anyways, all the best for your future endeavors and these are somethings which happens with everyone. There are days when I taught someone what ..[] is and later they started doing the talking in the way which is unexpected.

    Hiring the best is only possible when you’ve a vision to build a service, product and not a website where in everyone can start with Re.99/- a domain and free blogger blog. I am not that ..[] to suggest or advise someone, but being an entrepreneur or wish I could be in future if everything goes as expected, start aiming at consistency for yourself as the first strand, build a product or a service that could do all the damage in showing what you’ve got !!

    All the best,


  16. Imran you are great blogger. I why in your about page it is written that you earn $10k a month ? And why in TV channel it was mentioned you earn 15 lakh a month ? I suppose you made all this fake story then. Reply this comment and let me know whats the truth 🙂

    1. Well those were good questions raised. Let me answer both.

      1. Yes I do earn more than $10k a month but this is not consistent, it can go up and down depending on the performance of my websites that particular month.

      2. I clearly mentioned in the video interview that 15 lakh per month is the company turnover and not individual earnings. But to highlight the news, news channel people mentioned that I earn 15 lakh as individual. That was the mistake of TV channel.

  17. nice blogger imran bhai keep it up dude for future contract me also i will be for experience now my blog is in ind ranking 51,300

  18. Great share of a entrepreneurial journey that’s possible for hard working smart people in the digital economy.

  19. well bro honestly speaking i never comment on any blog, no matters how good it is. But this post really forces me to do..
    Must say you are a real Blogger. And one more thing i want to tell you, thanks yes exactly thanks to you just because of your blog, your experience, your knowledge i came in this blogging field totally. From last 7 months i am continuing Event Blogging (to be honest i am a event Blogger), till now created more than 10+ blogs, and they are ranked too.

    Thank to you for changing my life, thank to you for showing me some direction. And one more thing please “Never leave blogging and remain person currently you are… you inspire me lot !!”

  20. Great article bro..
    You sum up your whole experience till date into a single one. This is really going to help beginners who has just stepped into this world.
    Thanks again.
    my site

  21. Great article. In fact, this is unique article that I’ve read.
    What I say that these are all the things people know before starting a business. However, as you’ve started afresh and at a younger age, you learned the facts the hard way. You’ve put down your thoughts very candidly and shared your experiences honestly. Your experience can help many of the budding entrepreneurs.
    Nice article and again thanks a lot for sharing.
    I see that your story has inspired many and you stood as a role model for them….Congrats bro…

  22. Everyone make mistakes but it happens. We should learn from our mistakes and avoid to repeat same thing in future. As per me; do not hire the people you know, there should be always a communication gap between owner and worker.

  23. Hey Imran,
    Learned a lot from this article. I am in the initial stage of my own company. But I think I have to change a lot of things to be more successful. Thanks for the valuable tips 🙂

    Soumyakanti Ray

  24. Assalamu’alaykum
    A great, inspiring story, indeed.
    You completely “nailed” yourself and tell us the whole lessons you got and made me amazed. Thanks for the advice brother 😀

  25. It is important to find the right people for your team. Many will fail you down. It is important to rely on your own knowledge and abilities but you are right that no one is an island, no one stand alone, so sometimes we need to find partners and cooperate. I admire your courage to take risks and to recover after the losses.

  26. It is amazing to see that Indian blogging can be taken to such a high international level and I am very proud of you representing the intellectual ethical blogging, developing great and meaningful websites. Life is a rollercoaster. One day you are up, one day you are down. I admire you for never giving up.

  27. Really man your experience really talks. I most of the time feel afraid to take a step. But you have gone through so much and learnt a lot. Thank you!

  28. This is really nice and priceless post as Imran bro is sharing his experience..

    Life is all about experience. Wether it is good or bad.

  29. Imran Bro You are the oxford dictionary for blogger generation.
    and we are luck so that you belong to HYDERABAD.
    Thank you for your great guide

  30. Hi Bro,
    You have really shared the ups and downs in your entrepreneur life. It is quite natural.
    My piece of advises : Learn from your Mistakes and Play it hard.. Also don’t trust anyone blindly…

    Best of Luck…

  31. I read each and every article by You Imran uddin, but this was the most inspirable article for me and hope that I wont repeat the mistakes.!

  32. Hi Imran, First I would like to say thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. You article is very useful and helpful for me.

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  34. Hey Imran,

    I have drawn out inspiration for my blog & blogging career from you only.. I have written almost a small comment post only down seeing your above blog post just to share some inspiration which I got from you.. hope you’ll get inspired for more..

    One thing I would like to mention here is (I have gone through your about page) more or less my story is some what similar to yours (until you have become a successful blogger) but I haven’t become so successful like you but wanted to become one while One day when I was searching for a way to fulfill my dreams I have seen a youtube video saying ‘ A Hyderabadi earning Rs. 15 Lakh- per month @ age of 21’ I was pretty fascinated by this statement and wanted to go through your story of how were you making so many fortunes (like Chris Gardener asking the Red Ferrari Owner about his income in ‘Pursuit of Happyness’) and to my surprise it turned out to be very interesting for me immediately I thought of starting a blog as you (as mentioned previously I was always learning something or the other to grow in life). Hence, I thought whatever knowledge I have I can share through the blog (name you can find it in my comment form – I don’t want to publicize my blog through comments but I want you to know that I am not bluffing that I have started a blog).
    In this process I have seen a blog of one more person who was listed as one of the best bloggers in India along with you and he was providing guidance to newbies… Then through his blog I have started my Blog and you know what when I saw you were teaching newbies I have seen that the cost was $200 and thought of attending the session to learn from you to earn like you but I wanted to attend that only after I earn those money through my blog only as I have invested more than $60 on my blog.
    About the things happened to you with your partners I understand how hard it would be but I can suggest you Steve Jobs as an inspiration who had a similar situation and has come back with outstanding bounce.. Wish you the very same Bro.. Keep rocking as you always did and help people like me to ROCK with your blogs & works.. Hope I can make $200 asap to meet you & learn from you & earn like you. Take care…

  35. Yes, Imran you have long way to go….as it is just a trailer for you. Recruit people those who are in need of money not a greed of money so that they will do the wonders for you and for your company. Nip in the bud if something is going wrong. One more thing I suggest you is that “BE LIKE A BOSS, Not LIKE A HR” HR will take care of the employee relations. Hope this would carry you some weight.

  36. Thanks for the auspicious writeup. It if truth be told used to be a enjoyment account it.
    Glance complex to far added agreeable from you! However, how can we keep
    up a correspondence?

  37. You are a motivation for a bloggers like me..Every time I think that their is a guy who is managing a awesome blog and earning a hefty amount.It work like a motivation for me.. Thanks 🙂
    Infogeekers.com is my site.Trying to achieve a place in bloggers world..

  38. hi imran,

    i provide seo service in some forums, i should agree with you my friend i also had some issues with the team i had, they use to stole the strategies and the clients, i also faced the same problem and lost money.

    but in one thing i don’t agree with you my friend.
    “5. Education and Academic Record Matters a Lot”
    personally i have 2 employees working under me and they both are average on their academic profiles but to be frank they really work hard and they only chase for the passion not for the money. and the other who dumped me has a good academic profile but they are money minded, i cant say that every one are like that.

    but as an entrepreneur i can say that hiring is the hardest job for an IM business, because the people thing that they are going to be rich in short time and they expect for more.

    one thing i can say that for the people who want a job or they want to choose IM as a carrier. then you should work for you. CHASE YOUR PASSION NOT MONEY !!

  39. No one want to loose money but they can agree with this only if the money they are investing on their blog makes some bucks for them.

  40. This is very useful post and an eye opener for everyone….it will help all upcoming enterpernuer….thanks for sharing your real experience.

  41. After loking into a few of the articles on your website, I
    truly appreciate your way of blogging. I saved it to my bookmark webpage lust and will be checking back in the near future.
    Please check out my website too and let me know what you think.

  42. wonderful post, very informative. I ponder why the other experts of this sector don’t understand this.
    You should continue your writing. I’m sure,
    you’ve a huge readers’ base already!

  43. Awesome post , i am sad that i learnt few things from experience .Especially sympathy at time of hiring , friendly towards people , Negative people .

  44. nice post imran.
    actually i didnt get the proper meaning when i read it first time.
    but today i came to know.. because faced it.

  45. Imran 21 lakh is huge money, still think about Allah and keep going on. God never leave anyone in stake people who think good for others..

  46. Every successful person also have a good story behind, Your life Stony is also good, your 2 lines
    ” One Bad Apple can Spoil the Whole Bunch”
    ‘ Too much of trust is dangerous”
    are very useful now days to get more success… BTW you are good person.

  47. Hey there! Do you know if they make any plugins to assist
    with SEO? I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good success.
    If you know of any please share. Kudos!

  48. These are great lesson that might cost me a big deal of money if I let it, I find myself about to make same mistakes, am happy to have found your blog out of the lot.. Thanks for sharing these life lesson..

  49. Its a great lesson.. i will keep it in my mind.. thanks for sharing an awesome update.. 😉

  50. Great!!! its better to be a self employed and earn for yourself and your family and with Blogging its quite easy to be your own boss and earn well and handsomely.

  51. Such an inspiring article IMRAN.

    An Entrepreneur can never be an Employee”, I also think I can never work for some one else.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  52. All in all, decent article. But I can’t quite agree with you.
    1. Character, Attitude are more important than Knowledge if you want to do Business together – How can I work with someone who is polite and nice, but doesn’t know anything? I can’t waste my time to educate him.
    5. Education and Academic Record Matters a Lot – Again, not general rule. I know a lot of co-workers or ex-coworkers who didn’t have proper education, but are rather self-taught. I’d put will above this two.
    8. Friendly atmosphere is not always good – Dude, have you seen what kind of offices Google has? I agree, you don’t need to make friends out of employees, but make them feel that you don’t mind to be. (friends)

  53. Right, nothing is easy. you have to pay for learning. thanks for sharing this good article.

  54. Hii Imran thanks for sharing your experience. You have said it right there are some cheap people who plays lot of emotional game. At this point we have to keep our relation apart and business apart. I have more then 5 years of experience in tech market i have seen that most of people i met were fake. I can say more then 90% of people promises to complete your work in time and also shows their portfolio to get your trust. But it doesn’t matter at last we have to test each and every one then only we can understand who is real and who is fake. People are not working for product even we are paying them more as they just care about money. And mostly these happens when your startup, we have to be smart, we have to be political, we have to keep our personal relation aside, then only we can work properly without risking anything. It was hard way for u but at last you have achieved it where most of them quit, Again thanks for sharing your experience with us and your information will probably help new Entrepreneurs.

  55. From my experience it become more difficult while hire freshers as they are always searching new opportunities for better salary and employment. But yes, if hiring experienced employees they could be retained in office and it will be profitable selection for business in long run. You shared good experience brother. Thanks

  56. Great article bro..
    You sum up your whole experience till date into a single one. This is really going to help beginners who has just stepped into this world.
    Your are the blogging god mainly in Andhra whether u believe r not. Most of the people Got Success in their lives without entering into corporate jobs.I have seen So many People, money will get and lost one day But the Name & Fame will be through out end of life.Thats what we need. So,Dont Worry About These Bro!!! Do Whatever You Think We People are With You!! The Things will be Succeed at one day…

    Right, nothing is easy. you have to pay for learning. thanks for sharing this good article.

    Great article helped me a lot.

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