January 29, 2019

List of 25 Worst Passwords of 2019, It’s Time to Have a Strong Password!

In this current advanced technological world, everything has become so innovative but some things online can never change like Terrible Passwords created by Humans. These days, people are totally depending on the internet sources both for their confidential matters like personal and professional matters. People often need to settle out their responsibilities via some social media sites, messaging apps and by accessing some other websites. Before start signing up for such websites, you need to create an account for which you need to have a password to secure your account.

25 Worst Passwords of 2015

Most of the people make a blunder at this point of time. What do you mean by a password? Do you know the actual need of setting a password? If you’re actually conscious of that, you wouldn’t have created such terrible passwords like ‘12345’, ‘abc123’, ‘qwerty’ and some other easily guessable passwords. Do you know that you use terrible passwords? Probably, the answer is No. You might be one of the few folks that know the significance of good password hygiene and truly fulfills a method to accomplish that purpose (good for you). Do we know that the overall community of people, in total, use terrible passwords? Yes! we do.

People Using Terrible Passwords

Even there is a rapid advancement in the technology, the mindset of people in creating a password has not been changed. There are bounteous security measures to be taken so as to protect your Internet security, like installing a good anti-virus or running Linux on your system. However, this doesn’t mean that your task gets finished here, and you are completely protected enough from online threats. But, your work is not done just by installing pretty good antivirus software.

25 Worst Passwords of 2015

Even after innumerable warnings, most people are continually using deadly-simple passwords, like ‘123456’ or ‘password,’ to protect their most delicate data. According to the fifth annual SplashData chart that has conducted a survey on internet’s worst passwords, they found that people have been still using the same old simple password even for their most confidential data. Most of them are using easy-to-guess terms as passwords. Evidence implies that weak passwords are as prevalent now as they ever were, and the top 25 passwords of 2019 are very easy to guess.

It is really hard to believe, but ‘123456’ once again topped the list, just like previous year, which is followed by the absolutely terrible ‘password.’ Some crazy people who are much crazy about games used ‘football’ and ‘baseball’ as the password that remains popular among online users and these two names are on the top 10 list of worst passwords.

How do you Know My Passwords are Terrible?

Now, you might have all get a doubt that how do you know whether my password is terrible or strong? Usually, people think that a password is something which is not known by any other person except in the worst case if the account is hacked by hackers. But, you are truly in a wrong impression. It is not true that your password is only upto you because there are many firms that gather all the password dumps from all the data breaches that (rather perversely) happen each year and analyze the passwords.

Most Terrible Passwords of 2015


Such password dumps normally include passwords of hundreds of thousands to millions of people anywhere from the world. In fact, it is pretty much easy to get a full idea of the sort of passwords people are using. One can get a clear picture that how seriously, or not, people take password security.

Top 25 Worst Passwords of 2019

People often create passwords that are simple to memorize and that don’t require them to note down on random sheets of paper. SplashData analyzed over 2 Million leaked passwords in 2019, and the results are as follow:

Most Worst Passwords of 2015

Note: The longer passwords are so simple as to make their extra length virtually worthless as a security measure.

How to Create a Strong Password?

As you all know, you need to create several passwords for different sites. If one website is ruptured, your other online accounts on different sites are protected from being hacked. The rules for good password hygiene aren’t hard to follow, and they don’t turn much over time. Although very few people truly follow them regularly, here we have mentioned some useful tips to create a strong password that will eventually help you make the strength of your password secure and easier to memorize Check out the tips:

  • Always use a combination of lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and special characters of 8 characters long. For eg: p8%w^5@q$r.
  • It’s better to use short passphrases with special characters separating to make it hard for crackers (hackers)and could be easily remembered like hack@like#me (hack like me).
  • Try to avoid using the same combination of passwords for distinct websites.
  • If it is complex for you to memorize various passwords for different websites, then use Password Manager applications like RoboForm, 1Password, LastPass.
  •  It is advised that one must keep changing their passwords of different passwords over a period of time.

Follow these simple steps to avoid hackers from cracking your strong enough password and accessing all your confidential data. We highly recommend you to change your password asap if it is extremely guessable.

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