November 1, 2019

Lucky Patcher App Review Best Root App For Android

Lucky Patcher is a fantastic application that can change the app data according to the user’s needs. There are so many applications available on the Internet that are paid or include ads and in-app purchases. But the problem is that not everyone can buy them and use them. In this situation, Lucky Patcher Apk can help you a lot. You can use paid apps and enjoy the premium features for free. Also, you can remove ads and customize the app according to you. So, let’s know more about the Lucky patcher App.

Lucky Patcher Review

Lucky Patcher App is a third-party app for Android devices. It varies the data files of a particular App according to the requirement of users. However, the app works for both rooted as well as non-rooted Android devices, but it fully works only on rooted devices. The features are limited for the non-rooted device.

Lucky Patcher needs roots access, and it can change and modify the app data according to the user’s requirements. It can remove Ads from an App, bypass license verification for free. And you can also use paid Apps and use premium features of an App without wasting money.

It is recommended to root the Android device to enjoy the advanced features of Lucky Patcher Apk. There are so many ways available to root an Android device. The Best method is using the KingRoot Application. This application will help you to root your Android device without PC.

Review of Lucky Patcher Apk

As we have described above that Lucky Patcher is a third party application for Android that offers a lot of mind-blowing features for users. You can block ads, use premium features and paid apps, remove license verification, and a lot more for free. Lucky Patcher is an impressive tool that is free for everyone. But most of them get confused with some issues related to this app. I will try to give a complete review of my personal opinion that will help you.

Many of the users asked whether the Lucky Patcher App is safe or not? Then the answer is “YES.” Lucky Patcher is safe for your device. However, you have to use it carefully, mainly if your device is rooted. The app itself does not harm your device or accounts. But I think there should be proper knowledge of using the App because inappropriate tasks can be risky your device. Hence, it is recommended to perform any task with appropriate guidance. Otherwise, do not perform anything with the App until you have proper knowledge about that.

Another question that users mostly asks is, “Does Lucky Patcher Really Works? The answer to this question is that, Yes, it works. Lucky patcher works for almost all Android Apps. However, there are some apps that can not be modified or patched with Lucky Patcher. But it can work for most of the Apps. Therefore, you can give it a try.


  • Name: Lucky Patcher
  • Latest Version available: 8.5.5
  • Size: 4.6 Mb
  • Required Android: 4.0 and later versions of Android
  • Last Updated: Sep 21, 2019
  • Ratings: 4.7 Stars Ratings


There are ao many amazing features that Lucky Patcher offers you. A list of all functions is mentioned as follows.

  1. Lucky Patcher App works on both Rooted and Non-Rooted Android Devices.
    “But it is to be noted that it does not work fully on a non-rooted device. Therefore, it is recommended to root your Android device before using Lucky Patcher App.”
  2. It works for almost all Android devices.
  3. You can make in-app purchases for free. That means you can enjoy premium features for free of cost.
  4. It can also bypass the license verification. And you can use the paid apps for free.
  5. You can also remove Ads from a particular App with the help of Lucky patcher Apk.
  6. Lucky Patcher can also help you to install the Modded Play Store.
  7. Get special features or a full version of any App with Lucky Patcher.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Lucky Patcher work without root?

Yes, Lucky Patcher can work without root. But the features of Lucky Patcher App for non-rooted devices are limited. You can enjoy the features of the App entirely only when your device is rooted.

Is Lucky Patcher illegal?

Lucky Patcher is an Android App. And being an App is not illegal. But to use this app for bypassing license verification for making free and in-app purchases is unlawful. Making unofficial free in-app purchases is like Theft. And that is why it is illegal.

Does Lucky Patcher really work?

Lucky Patcher needs root access to work. It makes some changes in the data files of the particular App and modifies them according to your needs and requirements. Lucky Patcher App works for most of the App of Android.

Can Lucky Patcher damage your device?

No, Lucky Patcher does not damage your device. It is safe to use as your device, and your accounts are secure. Also, it does not hack your device. In Short, there are no chances of damage to your device or accounts due to Lucky Patcher Apk.

Can I uninstall Lucky Patcher after the patch?

Yes, you can uninstall the Lucky Patcher App after a patch. Once the patch is successfully applied on the particular App, then you are free to uninstall Lucky Patcher. It is all your choice whether you want to keep it or not.

Final Verdict

So, this was all about the Lucky Patcher App. And to make the article more effective and useful, we have added the review section. The review will clear all your doubts related to the App. Therefore, read it carefully. However, the app is 100% safe, but it is always recommended to be careful while using the app. This is because an inappropriate task with such apps can be risky. So, use the app with proper guidance.

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