October 25, 2022

Macau SAR: Welcome to entertainment heaven

The Macau SAR, located about 50 kilometers from Hong Kong, is often referred to as the Las Vegas of Asia. This is partly because the area offers visitors a wide range of entertainment options, including many casinos. Macau is a popular weekend destination because you can explore large parts of the region in a few days, thanks to its manageable size. Here you can enjoy a good time for a few days because the program includes the finest restaurants, exquisite boutiques, and various luxury casinos.

Gambling in Macau

Many tourists visiting Macau come from mainland China, but international tourism has also discovered the region. Many visitors come mainly to see casino hotels, which are only found in a few places worldwide. Numerous known investors have settled here with their companies, which is why there are many casino hotels whose names may sound familiar. For example, I look forward to a visit to Venetian Macau. Like its predecessor, this casino hotel has an artificial canal inside the building, meant to evoke the splendor of Venice.

In addition, the gigantic luxury complex houses a shopping center with the highest quality brands in the fashion industry and, of course, the famous casino. Wynn Macau also has a name that many already know from Las Vegas. The hotel is one of the most luxurious establishments in Macau and, in addition to the in-house casino, has its art museum and boutiques, such as Cartier, on offer. Of course, most visitors are particularly interested in the casino games offered in the luxury palaces’ halls.

The baccarat game is extremely popular in Macau and is also referred to as poker or blackjack in other Asian destinations. Although the game was invented in Europe, it seems to be much better known in Asia today. With the boom in online casinos, many German players discovered the table game for themselves because many online casinos offer baccarat as a table or live play. Of course, all other player wishes are considered in Macau, and you can try poker, blackjack, roulette, sic bo, and numerous slots. However, the most significant turnover of the casinos is booked by baccarat, which is why you should try the game at least once.

Shows and culinary delights

In addition to the entertaining casinos, there is much more to experience in Macau. Many high-class restaurants, which bring international cuisine to Macau, ensure your physical well-being. Some visitors may be surprised to find that Portuguese cuisine is well-developed here, but this is because Macau was once a Portuguese colony. Today you can still feel the influences in the architecture, but above all, in the regional cuisine – or taste it!

Of course, there are also many Chinese restaurants that serve traditional dishes and offer Chinese tea ceremonies. Here you can immerse yourself in Chinese culture. Various shows and events can be visited all year round, providing further entertainment options. The House of Dancing Water is particularly impressive, in which a combination of theatre, choreography, and acrobatics is performed in a gigantic pool of water.

The former Cirque de Soleil choreographer created the show, so you’re in for a breathtaking evening. You can also hear live music at the Live Music Association, where several bands or artists perform weekly. Here you will find unknown indie artists and big names from the regional music scene. Lastly, visiting the 360° Café inside the Macau Tower is necessary. The circular restaurant has glass fronts on all sides to enjoy a 360-degree view of the city. Thanks to the slow rotation (the café goes through one rotation in half an hour), you can see all sides of Macau while sitting without feeling dizzy.

Macau SAR is an entertainment heaven. Here you can visit numerous luxury casinos, watch first-class shows and dine excellently. Since the area is relatively small, a weekend is enough to explore Macau.

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