How to Make Money with Facebook [Infographic]


acebook has been one of the most popular and largest social networking site for a long time now. With more than 1 billion users, Facebook makes few billions of turnover everyday. Most of the people use Facebook for fun and just to chat with their friends, but instead of wasting so much of time with that, one can actually make money with Facebook. Everything depends on the way you use it. We already use these methods and many people have already been successful working on it. So, we thought to make an InfoGraphic showing a list of different methods to make money online with Facebook.

Below are the different methods listed to make money with Facebook:

  1. Self Promotion
  2. Paid Promotion
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Run Facebook Ads to Boost Sales
  5. Money with Facebook Apps and Games
  6. Sell your Facebook fanpage

What you basically need to do is that, create a FB fanpage and build with more number of likes and thereby improve the organic reach of your page. Note that, Building high quality page with genuine likes is important and using fake like bots and things like that will be of no use.

make money with facebook

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very informative & useful Info graphic…. can you please teach us how to create info graphic… like this… it will help us more..


Karan Rawat

To create a infographic like this you need to be a professional, but you can create some cool infograph by using, and infogram!



Thank you karnan,

can you pls tell me how to create info graphic in & infogram…



Nice info graphics bro, with all information. This time we wait a long time for a new post. Good to see you again.
Check responsiveness of Blog Templates-

Haroon Ansar

Hi Imran

This post was though very short , but It explained every thing that I wanted to know . It is a request , Please , write a tutorial on how to get real Facebook Fanpage likes ?

Rajat Kulshrestha

Wow great infographic by the great ATB team !!
This infographic is very pleasant for our eyeballs !! Thankyou ­čÖé

Amazing Artical

really nice infographic dear, generating money from facebook is almost every bloggers dream and the infographic is showing some of the best ways how we can cash our FB popularity. This was a very nice concept for infographic.

Very nice and informative Post !! just amazing learned a lot… Thanxx Buddy!! ­čśÇ

Nice infographic and excellent information.. Really a nice post by ATB Team..

Now a days every one using facebook, it is the best one for newly start up companies,they promote their products or ads,,,Good stuff, Keep going…:)

Sharath Vardhan Reddy

Image is becoming small on my blog
Help me to overcome this problem

Nice Infographic…
Most of the people are wasting time on facebook..This is the best infographic for those people to earn something…


nice infographic…please do watch..

Awesome Infographic.
There are many people nowadays wasting their time chatting in Facebook and this will make them know and change their bad habit.


Affiliate Marketing is the best as for me, nice Facebook [Infographic]

nice infographic …. ur genius Imran & team

I made lots of money, By doing paid promotion on my facebook page. It also help me driving traffic to my website. Selling facebook page is also good.

It also helps me driving traffic to my twebsitehat is the best help for me.