PennyPen – Make Money with the new Social Blogging Platform (A Complete Guide)


In this article I am going to introduce a new blogging platform using which you can blog and also make money from it. PennyPen is a new social blogging platform that pays their users for blogging on their platform based upon your activity. There are many free blogging platforms like, tumblr, hubpages etc but none of them pays their users directly. You have to monetize your blog with ads. But PennyPen takes care of the monetization. They share the revenue generated to their users who are active, read on.

Getting Started with PennyPen:

Its very simple and straight forward to get started  with PennyPen, follow the steps below;

  • Go to
  • You can directly get started by signing up with Facebook or you can register with your email id.
  • Once you are registered you will be redirected to a page asking for Blog Name and some unique name to your blog the hit done. Enter your blog name and enter some unique name for your blog as shown in the below screenshot.
  • Now you can see dashboard as below.
  • As you haven’t done anything the Dashboard looks empty. PennyPen also allows you to import your blog if you have some blog on Tumblr. Now you can hit the button Write new post and start blogging.
  • You can customize your blog as well. There are many ready made Templates and you choose among those Templates. The templates are very responsive and elegant.
  • Once you are done with your post you can share it on to your social media to drive traffic to your post.
  • If you are already a blogger then you can use this platform for bookmarking your article and get some backlinks as well. Currently this platform is a dofollow platform so you can get the full link juice from this website.
  • You can also add Custom Domain to your blog with PennyPen like, etc.
  • You can browser others blogs and follow others blogs just like you to on Tumblr on PennyPen as well.

How to Make Money from PennyPen:

As the platform is still new they haven’t monetized it yet. But still PennyPen is giving away prize to their users based upon their activity. All you need to do is be active on PennyPen and you can earn money as follows.

At the end of 3rd month (31 March 2015) they give out:

  • $1000 prize to each 5 most active users
  • $1000 prize to each 5 users who report technical bugs in the platform
  • $1000 prize to each 5 users chosen randomly among all users

At the end of 4th month (30 April 2015) they give out:

  • $300 prize to each 25 most active users.
  • $300 prize to each 25 users chosen randomly among all users

At the end of 5th month (31 May 2015) they give out:

  • $300 prize to each 30 most active users
  • $300 prize to each 20 users chosen randomly among all users

At the end of 6th month (30 June 2015) they give out:

  • $300 prize to each 40 most active users
  • $300 prize to each 10 users chosen randomly among all users

The Second 6 months of PennyPen activity they will start having income, so they give 50% of the net income to the users who signed up till 30 June 2015, and 10% of the net income to all other users who joined us after 30 June 2015.

You can check out the complete manifesto of PennyPen

PennyPen is a new innovative social blogging platform that helps their users in making money from their website. This can also help in bookmarking purpose as well as sharing your thoughts via your blog on PennyPen.

Click here to get started. You can check out my blog on PennyPen here.


  1. I don’t think this platform is going to work. In the past a lot of platforms did try to pay their users but due to many problems with law of different countries they had to shut down.

    Lets wait and see how long this platform will last.

    • You’re right, I had a really bad experience on Bubblews.
      But the thing about this new platform is that they have chosen a nice strategy: sharing 10% of their own income!
      Maybe this will help them a lot to survive, because as they grow the users’ income grow, if you’re an active blogger your income will grow by the website growth.

  2. Wow … another social networking site. I think this site is really good for new blogger because not only it will them to bring traffic but also they can earn good amount for regular visit.
    Thank you for such a good article which can be added to SMO.

  3. Hi Imran Bro,
    Surprise platform you introduced.
    I didn’t know about Pennypen before reading this post.
    They are wise enough to increase their popularity by giveways.
    But it is time that determines whether it will succeed or not.
    I will give it a try for sure.
    Thank you so much.

  4. Nice one ..First time listen as we will get payment by writing article on blog..As its free nothing is wrong in trying..can we post the same which we are posting on blogger or fresh new posts need to publish there..please confirm.

  5. Website is not working??? I posted a blog for school credit not interested in being pid for blogging but now my hw assignment is lost??

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