September 20, 2023

Making Calls Through Your Mobile Phone Using VoIP

Compared with traditional phone systems, data calls often provide a wealth of benefits. For example, certain features may include digital recognition for voice-to-text services, higher call quality, or service in parts of the world without cell service (for example, on planes and trains as well as in apartment buildings and other places with Wi-Fi but no cell service).

In addition, most homes and businesses already have Wi-Fi networks, and cellphone carriers typically offer data plans, so it just requires a small amount of setup to get mobile VoIP working. Furthermore, people using data might end up paying less per minute than their virtual phone number providers if they use data calls.

If you haven’t tried making calls through your mobile phone using VoIP, then we strongly recommend doing it now. You’ll never know about the benefits that you missed. But it’s not too late to try one. You can download Freeje Optimum App. Registration is very simple and making calls to others is very convenient.

The truth is, VoIP gives you the freedom to make free calls via the Internet. And if you think it is impossible, then keep reading since it would provide you tremendous benefits.

As long as you have a wireless data connection and a device that supports VoIP, you can start right now. There are, however, a few differences between VoIP and regular phone calls that you should know.

VoIP’s Flexibility

There is no doubt that VoIP services are simple and convenient. It is an amazing feature to be able to transmit your voice over the Internet, which is why it has so many advantages. Additionally, with the emergence of different mobile applications, making calls using your mobile phone is of great ease.

However, not all mobile apps are the same. You may find something that is annoying and unreliable the very first time you use them. So, be sure to carefully choose the best app in the market today to download, such as Freeje Optimum App that you can easily download on Google Play.

How Do VoIP Calls Work on Mobile Phones?

With mobile VoIP, voice calls are transmitted as digital signals over the Internet using 3G, 4G, GSM, or another Internet service. Wi-Fi hotspots can also be used to eliminate the cost of using cellular data and voice plans.

Users of VoIP phones – especially those of smartphones – can experience lower calling and text message costs when using VoIP. A VoIP connection typically transmits data faster as well, since data is spread out over several packets that each take the shortest route to reach their final destination.

VoIP phones with Wi-Fi hotspot access are also an effective way for mobile VoIP phone users to reduce their costs by avoiding 3G data charges. Cellular carriers can often charge overage fees for callers who exceed their monthly data plan’s bandwidth limits. With mobile VoIP, you can use Wi-Fi hotspots to reduce that risk and extend the lifespan of your data allowance.

Using a mobile VoIP phone service can make it unnecessary to purchase a basic voice plan or text add-ons (which are often expensive). In addition to enjoying more flexibility in calling times, cell phone users can be freed from restrictions with a mobile VoIP phone. An unlimited, inexpensive, or free VoIP mobile phone service lets subscribers make calls over the Internet at any time with voice over IP technology.

Benefits of Using VoIP

With VoIP, you do not have to purchase any special devices or telephones to fully benefit from its features. Everything you need, including adaptability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, is right at your fingertips.

Alternatively, if you wish to upgrade to a more feature-rich handset or even a headset, you will also have access to programmable keys, call-storing, and cordless options.

It’s your broadband connection, however, that determines the quality of the call. The majority of service providers are switching to offering broadband by default, and you can add VoIP to the package. As a result, these services are equipped with platforms that include useful, additional VoIP features.

Caller display, voicemail, call divert, and anonymous call blocking are among these features. What’s important for those using VoIP for business is how adaptable the system is, including what devices they can use.

VoIP Pros and Cons

VoIP, just like any other cloud-based and the traditional phone system has its advantages and disadvantages.


  •       Significantly flexible
  •       Available across the globe
  •       Has the support of major operating systems
  •       A low cost which only means great savings
  •       Effective and easy to use


  •       there are service providers that require a data plan
  •   don’t expect that all mobile phones are VoIP software-friendly
  •       qualities of calls differ between service carriers

Well, those are the common disadvantages of VoIP calling using your smartphone. Overall, the benefits outweigh the cons.

Is it Possible to Call a VoIP Number from a Mobile?

Yes, it is. In case the person you are calling has given you their phone number, then you can call them just like you usually did for any other phone number. But in some instances, you might have to find and download an app to make the call. In most situations, the person who has requested you to call them through an application will send you links or some form of the registration process. However, once that particular app has been downloaded at your end, then you have the option to make voice or even video calls.

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