November 1, 2017

Microsoft Employee Installs ‘Chrome’ As Their Own Browser ‘Edge’ Kept Crashing During Live Demo

That awkward moment when you find yourself in a situation where you are giving a presentation about your company’s products and have to use a competitor’s product just to get through your presentation because a similar product from your company fails. That’s precisely the situation a Microsoft engineer found himself in recently.

Microsoft-Employee-Installs -Chrome-As-Edge-Kept-Crashing-During-Live-Demo (1)

Michael Leworthy from Microsoft’s Azure Migration Team was giving a presentation to his clients on how to migrate apps, data, and workloads to the Microsoft Azure Cloud when the company’s very own Edge browser hit a snag and froze. To save his live demo session, Leworthy was left with no choice but to opt for another browser, which is, in this case, was Google Chrome.

“I always love it when demos break,” says Michael, as Edge hangs.”So while we’re talking here, I’m just going to install Chrome,” he chuckles, as the audience breaks into a nervous ripple of applause.

While installing, when Chrome website popped up a notification asking if he wishes to make Google Chrome better by automatically sending crash reports and usage statistics, he unchecked the option saying, “…and, we are not going to help make Google better.” He also tried to explain the situation and remarked, “The Edge on these machines are locked down a little bit, and there are some things that just don’t work a little.”

The video of the presentation has been uploaded to ‘Microsoft Ignite’ YouTube account, without pruning the embarrassing part (around 37-minute mark).

YouTube video

The best part is, the employee was very graceful in handling the situation and kept cracking jokes.

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