January 17, 2018

Microsoft Windows 10 Messaging App Gets An Update & It Looks Fluent

The Windows 10 messaging app gets a significant update ever since 2016 after Microsoft pulled Skype integration. This updated version was released in the latest Windows 10 PC Insider Preview build 17074 for Insiders.

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For those who aren’t aware, the Windows 10 Messaging app on the PC shows the SMS conversations that are in sync with the Windows phone. It also shows the messages that are carrier specific to cellular connectivity. However, the app cannot be used to send text messages from PC.

Initially, Windows 10 Messaging app is based on Skype which was announced in 2015. This messaging app kept a record of messages that are sent via Skype SMS Relay service. In fact, they don’t actually let you send the messages. But in 2016, Microsoft has removed the Skype integration from the application.

The latest version of Windows 10 messaging app comes with the Fluent Design update with acrylic blur and reveal effects. The Fluent design is based on five main components – Motion, Light, Material, Depth, and Scale.The visual effect of this design can be seen only if the user hovers the cursor on the menu. This update helps the messaging application to improve the overall experience. This update is however not available for Windows 10 mobile.


These updates, perhaps, are evidence that this application is related to Microsoft’s upcoming Andromeda Device. Reportedly, this device is a foldable tablet that comes with telephonic capabilities. As such the device will use the phone and messaging applications.

Anyways, we hope that this Messaging App becomes even more functional in the coming future.

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