July 25, 2020

Looking To Stream MLB Games? Reddit Wins The Race!

The world is opening and so are sports. Major league baseball and MLB association have reached an agreement to hold the 2020 season. It will comprise of 60 games and is all set to start on 24th July.

MLB will have players comply with special COVID-19 precautionary measures. If you have planned something for the summers, think again, as nobody would like to miss this amazing baseball season. Although everyone would like to plan a nice evening with the family to watch Yankees play, in case your new work schedule does not allow you to be at a stadium, you can easily live stream on any of your smart devices. Stay updated on every baseball game with a streaming service you can access from anywhere. If the option of streaming MLB is tempting, you might want to know where can you stream MLB. You don’t have to look elsewhere, because that’s what we’re here for!


Reddit has surpassed major social media websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Google in popularity (as of June 2018). It is now the number 1 forum for managed service providers (MSP) worldwide. Most of its members are young male college students and their favorite game is none other than MLB. The Redditors have made a group with the name MLBStreams where they post active live streaming links regularly.

MLB Streams Reddit has around 221k members who comment and discuss each detail related to the game. It gives the best live MLB streaming coverage. The news is mostly authentic because according to its policy, fake news gets deleted. The like-minded people curate the content in this group. If you wish to enjoy the company of the fans while watching a game, then this is the place to go. You will be surprised by the amount of information related to MLB and live streaming you will find here.


MLB.com is the league’s official streaming service and has its own app MLB at BAT. This app is available only for $2.99 a month, but with ads. Secondly, it only gives access to one free game a month. For other games of the season, you must subscribe to MLB.TV, which is $24.99 a month. You can follow your favorite team, or even multiple teams, not only in games but also before and after games. They provide each and every news related to every player and invite discussions from the experts of the field.

YouTube TV

Gone are the days of traditional cable service networks. Now, home entertainment relies on subscription to live streaming channels. Launched in 2017, YouTube TV is a live TV service that offers 70+ channels for only $49.99 per month. Be it the MLB or NBA, you can easily live stream the games with just a click. The best thing about it is compatibility with every mobile operating system. It first started in major cities of the US but now, it supports service to 99.5% households. It allows three streams to each household to watch at a time. YouTube TV gives the best coverage of sports among streaming services.

Sling TV

Sling offers two packages; Blue and Orange and for a sports fan, Sling Orange is a favorite. It is the cheapest package to watch live sports. It costs only $35 a month. It is the first live streaming service that was launched in 2015 and ended the era of cord cable service. Sling TV app is compatible with your smart tv (phone, tablet, or computer). You can also get more channels like Fox Sports and NBC by subscribing to the Blue package. It is available throughout the US. The only restriction is that you can only watch one stream at a time. This can be a real hassle for families who do not want to watch the game at a commonplace. But cost-wise, Sling Tv is the best option.

Hulu TV

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services in the market. They have four packages which are Basic, Premium, Basic+ live TV, and Premium + Live TV. You can opt for one of these four for a better streaming experience. Its charges vary from $6 to $60. Former is the cost for the basic subscription and Premium + Live TV is the most expensive one. Its premium package is best for sports and is ad-ree. Additionally, it is best for bundling sports and entertainment. It allows two simultaneous screening at a time. Hulu TV was launched in 2007 by Walt Disney Company in collaboration with NBC Universal as a video-on-demand service.


AT&T TV offers multi-channel streaming services. Like other streaming channels, it has also tarnished the use of traditional cable set up. It offers four packages which range from $50 per month to $135 per month. In this age of competition, these prices are way too expensive as compared to other services. Secondly, it binds its consumers with a contract for two years. All its packages give access to sports channel but there is an issue of availability in a few areas. The plus point is that it allows three devices to stream at one time.

Amazon Prime

This is the easiest way to watch a baseball game because most of the users already have Amazon. These customers need to pay a subscription fee for Amazon Prime and avail the facility of streaming music and videos. Amazon Prime charges $8.99 per month to add sports-focused channels. Besides this, it is more famous for its library of TV shows and movies. This is an added advantage to the families as they will not only watch sports. It is compatible with all media streaming devices except for the Chromecast. With Prime Video, you can stream on up to three devices simultaneously.

The options are unlimited for live streaming. Select the platform which suits your budget the best. For some, an expensive package with too many features might be more viable while others may want a simpler package. Your choice depends on how frequently you plan on watching the MLB from the comfort of your screen.

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