September 22, 2021

Mobile Application: Reasons to Choose and Advantages

Using a mobile phone is not just about flipping through social media feeds and watching videos on YouTube. We use the phone to buy clothes, order a taxi, make an appointment for a haircut, read books, and get new knowledge. Unsurprisingly, businesses are trying to make these processes more convenient with mobile apps.

You should definitely pay attention to mobile application creation if:

  • Your main sales channel is online.
  • It is easier and more convenient for your customers to purchase a service via the app (for example, ordering a taxi or food).
  • Your company has many headings (clothing stores, product catalogs).
  • Your brand’s target audience includes Z-generation people – ages 16 to 24.
  • You are somehow connected with tourism and ticket sales. Not all people take laptops abroad; it is more convenient to book a ticket through the smartphone.
  • You have a lot of educational content (training courses or language school).

There is an opinion that device applications are suitable for the B2C market only. It’s a delusion. Many B2B companies require a mobile product – both for clients and for internal use.

App: Predominant Features

Increase sales

Push notifications with data about promotions and sales awake the client’s desire to make a purchase. This motivates customers to come and spend money on your company’s goods and services. Moreover, messages can be sent in unlimited quantities also to those who are located near your store, restaurant, etc.

Marketing tool

This is a great marketing tool, as information about new products and hits drives additional sales. In addition, you can send the client only those ads that are interesting for him/her (it’s easy to get data by studying the customer’s preferences). This ensures an individual approach to the client. You can use two-way SMS text messaging to talk directly to your customers as needed. You can connect with them on a personal basis and get immediate feedback and other time-sensitive responses.

Improving the efficiency of interaction with customers

Customer service is not just about a smiling manager communicating with customers. Mobile applications are truly advanced players in customer service. Why? The app is not a person and it doesn’t have mood swings and reduced productivity. Therefore, a mobile product has a specifically designed interface that gives customers a better experience and positive emotions. In fact, the vast majority of marketers perceive applications as a means for closer communication with customers without creating a sense of compulsion.

Improving the quality of service

The company owner can get information about customer’s impressions of the brand’s service, catalog, and other moments. The app brings the possibility to draw together all the most essential and useful features to become the favorite app of the smartphone owner.

Increased loyalty

You can save on buying plastic cards and increase the number of fans of your brand by integrating the loyalty program into the application. It’s important to enhance the app features and today’s IT companies, such as TemaBit, use modern mobile app development solutions to create a high-level mobile product that meets the constantly evolving market demands.

New clients attraction 

If your application is really useful, it will be recommended to friends and acquaintances. It will also increase your brand awareness and be associated with the high reliability, profitability, and full-fledged thoughtfulness of all moments.

Automation and optimization of the company’s business processes

In practice, an internal application helps to optimize the individual business processes of a company. The app makes it easy for the customers to leave a request for service. Also, such a solution allows the user to view the order lists, track the status of their implementation in real-time, consult with technical support staff online, etc.

Great competitiveness

Mobile apps are very useful for small businesses. As you know, many small companies are not interested in launching their own mobile applications. So it’s better to take this opportunity and present your brand using the latest technology. People like to remain up-to-date with evolving technology and mobile apps enable consumers to respond to all of their queries in less time with one touch.

Pay attention that mobile apps create success stories in the marketplace but only those with impressive functionality and comprehensive forethought. It’s recommended to put the app’s development in hands of the professionals and plan a robust mobile app marketing strategy that will help cope with this challenging competitive world.

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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