May 17, 2023

Mobile Apps Are Better Than Browser Experience?

Quick question: How do you access social media and online banking services? Most users of these online services have corresponding apps on the devices they use to access the services. Despite the ability to access a platform like Facebook through their web browser, many people still choose to download the app onto their phones.

Modern technology has enabled online service providers to provide their users with mobile services in two different forms. You can select either a mobile app or a site optimized for mobile use. Nonetheless, a report by Compuware revealed that most consumers (around 85%) prefer mobile apps to mobile sites. The report also suggests that these users prefer apps because they are easier to use, more convenient, and faster.

Here are some notable reasons why mobile apps are better than websites

Loads Content Faster

Mobile apps are faster because you have already downloaded them to your device. Consequently, they load content faster because they don’t have to get anything from the server. The result is that you have a more enhanced experience.

Picture this; you want to enjoy your favorite game from your device. If you do this from your browser, you must load the game from the provider’s server to enjoy it. Alternatively, if you have the game’s app on your phone, it loads faster, and you enjoy a better experience.

Offline Functionality

You need an internet connection to access content on a website, and in many cases, you will need the internet to use mobile apps too. However, some apps usually offer limited functionality when you are offline.

For instance, YouTube and Netflix apps allow users to watch content without an internet connection. But, you must download the content in advance onto the app when you are online.

More Functionality

Some mobile apps offer functionality not available on websites. A great example is the TikTok app that allows users to record videos, a feature that its website does not have.

Another example is the online casino industry. Top online casinos offer mobile apps and mobile-optimized websites. However, reports suggest players prefer online casinos with mobile apps because they offer more. For instance, mobile casino apps are easier to navigate thanks to their easier readability and intuitive navigation.

Better Experience

Mobile apps are designed to give users the best experience on their phones. While most websites are optimized for mobile use, they don’t have the same interface as their app versions.

For example, take a few minutes to open the YouTube app on your phone and its website in a browser. Have you noticed any difference? The YouTube mobile app has a more intuitive user interface.

Useful Notifications

Most mobile apps offer useful notifications that would be useful in different scenarios. For example, a ride-hailing or food–delivery app has useful notifications. Weather and news apps also offer useful notifications that can influence your daily decisions.

Furthermore, social media apps give notifications of messages. For instance, you will not miss your Snapchat messages because you’ll get timely notifications. This gives you an excellent experience as you keep in touch with your social media community.

Enhanced Security

It is challenging to generalize security regarding apps and websites. Most security issues stem from server vulnerabilities in cases such as data breaches. Nevertheless, mobile apps have an edge in various ways.

For example, apps go through thorough scrutiny by Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store before they are available for download. This offers users a higher level of security as long as they ensure they download the right app.

Also, mobile apps are designed to take advantage of your mobile device’s security features. For instance, you can use biometrics such as fingerprints to secure your app accounts.

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Elle Gellrich

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