September 29, 2020

Mobile vs Desktop Betting: Which is Better?

The number of people trying their hand at betting is growing every day. There are around 1.6 billion people in active betting, while at least 4.2 billion have placed a bet at least once. The ease of placing a bet has helped these numbers grow and keep growing. The user experience has become very smooth on both desktops and mobile. The debate on the better of the two dominates on betting forums like, but how do the two compare?

Research and Analysis

If you are a serious bettor, you know that you need multiple sources of information for insight. When placing a football bet, for example, you need to visit several sites for data. This could be past team performances, pundits’ insights, expert predictions and so on. This is crucial information you need to get an edge when making your bet.

Using a laptop or desktop browser allows you to open multiple tabs which you can switch fast and easily. Opening multiple tabs on a smartphone is a bit cumbersome. Many of the lower end smartphones also do not have the memory capacity to run multiple apps and will slow down.


Mobile betting gives you the freedom to place a bet wherever you are. This is very convenient when you need to make a quick bet. Say you need to place a bet when watching a game at the pub. You can simply do it on your smartphone with a few taps and swipes.

While notebooks come with touchscreens as well, it is a bit awkward lugging around your laptop just so you can place a bet.


Sports betting and analysis sites are crammed full of data. This can be a bit awkward to trawl and browse through on a small screen. Some websites are also not optimized for viewing on small screens, which spoils the user experience.

It is easier to view content on the bigger laptop or desktop screen. You can take in more info at a glance on a desktop screen, while you have to zoom and pinch, swipe and scroll to get the same on a mobile app.

-Desktop betting wins

Internet Speeds

It is most likely that your desktop is connected to fibre optic internet, while your mobile is connected to mobile broadband. Fibre optic speeds range 65-500 Mbps, while 4G Mobile broadband speeds range 20-500 Mbps. These speeds do not make a big difference if you are in an urban area.

But 4G coverage can vary when you are in rural areas. Some mobile providers also throttle internet usage which can spoil your experience if you are watching the game on your mobile.

Native App Installs

While Google’s Play Store is full of sports analytics apps, the story is a bit different for Apple Store. The Apple Store has far fewer apps for sports statistics and analysis. This can be a bit discouraging if you are fond of experimenting with different sports prediction apps.

Desktop browsers allow you to visit all the sites you want without installing apps. There are thousands of free websites for sports analysis, free for use. You can also block pesky ads better than on mobile apps.

-Desktop betting wins

Offers and Incentives

Online gaming platforms offer more incentives for their mobile app users as they try to pull in and maintain mobile customers. This is because they know more people spend time on their mobiles than their desktops.

-Mobile app betting wins

The choice between betting on your desktop or your smartphone largely comes down to convenience and user experience. You can work out a win-win choice; you can use the laptop when you are at home or office, and the smartphone when you need to place a quick bet on the move.


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