September 21, 2020

Modern Car Technologies We Need Right Now

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It is not uncommon to see car buying decisions based on what technology is included. With this in mind, it is very clear to understand why vehicle manufacturers do all they can to develop tech that can change your buying preferences.

As a very simple example, 60% of the millennials, and even 40% of the older adults declared that they will change brands in the event that there is another manufacturer that offers the desired technology.

We now have access to so many interesting car technologies that can be considered, including the great ones highlighted in the following paragraphs.

Keyless Entry

We mention this technology because of how convenient it is, although it has been around since the nineties. The modern systems utilize smart keys. They are used in a combination with touch sensors and rely on proximity. Practically, if you are close to the vehicle, the doors open.

Although the technology is presented under countless names based on the manufacturer, they are available and should seriously be considered, just like the even more popular keyless start system.

The obvious main advantage of keyless entry and keyless start is convenience. You have very fast access to your vehicle and keys are removed from the equation. The only problem is that it will take some time until you actually get used to the new system.

Important Safety Features

There are numerous standard safety features included these days. The ones that are very important for you are:

  • Blind Spot Monitoring – This is a safety feature that utilizes sensors to alert you when a car is present in the vehicle’s blind spot. Whenever something is present, an icon or a light appears inside the side mirror. With some cars, there is also an audio alarm in the cabin.
  • Lane Keep Assist – Sensors placed on the vehicle help it stay in the lane when driving. Whenever the feature is activated, a beep will appear when the computer inside the car detects drifting out of the lane. The goal is to prevent the distracted or drowsy driver.
  • Automatic Braking – Cameras are placed on the front part of the car. A computer adapts to traffic speed whenever cruise control is activated. A distance is set between cars so it is always respected, based on your personal desires.

As expected, these are just some of the basic safety features. If you were to look at the more advanced ones, you can choose some that are very impressive. However, at the very least, these safety features should be included.

Consider these safety features as important as car warranties. When you buy a new or used car, you want to be sure that you are covered by proper insurance. With the used vehicles, you automatically want to get a good extended car warranty. Then, you need to check all the policies to be sure you are covered as much as you need, based on how you drive and where.


Most people think they are very safe drivers. Telematics utilizes different technologies, like accelerometer, GPS, and a gyroscope in order to monitor driving behaviors. Then, data is analyzed in order to determine how safe the driver is. The technology practically learns about individual driving habits and helps save on car insurance policies. You can practically use this system to prove that you are a safe driver.

Self-Healing Car Tires

Punctures tend to happen once every 75,000 square kilometers. Whenever you are hit by one, it seems to be at the wrong time, always. This is where self-healing car tires help a lot. Two types actually exist. They are self-sealing car tires and run-flat car tires.

A run-flat car tire is self-supporting. This makes it possible for the car that has a punctured tire to keep running, even though speed is lower and the system just works for a short distance. The self-sealing car tire is rather new and mostly in development, even if it will soon fully hit the market. Rubber technology is usually used in order to automatically seal a tread puncture.

The biggest advantage of such car tires is that you can still drive the vehicle in the event that a puncture happens so you can fix it. However, you still need to check tires whenever you suspect that there is a problem.

A Connected Car

Right now, connectivity is huge in the industry. Many manufacturers built systems so that cars can communicate with other connected points of access, making the car a part of IoT (Internet of Things). Actually, 73% of car drivers are more than willing to change brands in the event that another manufacturer offers more connectivity.

Complex vehicles are available from Audi and BMW and they embed SIM cards inside them to be able to easily communicate to the company’s cloud servers. This offers very fast access to breakdown services, emergency services, a concierge system, and even parking space information available.

With the use of onboard apps, you can also synchronize your email and calendar, contacts, stream music, and communicate with home devices that are internet-enabled.

A connected vehicle can help you to be less distracted as you drive, which is a huge advantage few people realize. You can simply plug in your Android or iPhone smartphone and access Android Auto and CarPlay. This aids in navigation gives you access to a digital assistant and allows you to listen to music, along with many other things.


As you can see, the modern technology mentioned above is definitely something that you want to have inside your vehicle. If you do not have it already and you can afford the upgrade, you just cannot go wrong with anything that was presented.

Always keep your eyes on modern tech. You can so easily find out about something new in a few months from now. Just find what you love and see if you can afford it. Eventually, even if modern car technology is expensive when launched, it becomes affordable. As soon as it is affordable for you, it is a very good idea to consider it.

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