Monthly Income Report April 2013 : Now I am a Four Figure Blogger

I already published couple of Income Reports.These income report not only shows how much I make money online but also will teach you how can you do the same.When I can do you can also do better than me.Firstly moving on to my income reports lets see what happened the previous months.

What happened the Last Three Months?

As usual there were few Google updates(Panda and Penguin).Some of the updates were publicly announced and some were not.Google panda is now tightly integrated into the Search Algorithm and there will be no more official announcements regarding the panda updates.The updates which were confirmed officially increased our traffic where as some unknown updates hurt the traffic.
I have conducted lot of experiments and A/B split tests in the last couple of months.Some of them have shown positive results while some failed like the Theme Change.In the past few months I completely changed my strategy of making money online.Now I went ahead and started offering services to clients like SEO,Web Designing ,Social Media Marketing etc.I wont waste your time anymore and move on to the income report.

Google Adsense – $200

The Adsense earning didn’t increase at all while compared with the previous income report which is a little disappointing.

Reasons Behind the Low Adsense Revenue:

One of the main reasons behind this is my experiments.

  • As always I experimented by changing Ad Placements to check the site performance and CTR.Some experiments helped to increase traffic but I had to compromise with Adsense CTR.
  • Using Less Number of Ad units: As I always say in my income reports I am not a huge fan of Adsense.I had bitter experiences with Adsense in the past having banned me twice.So I don’t want to solely depend on Adsense and risk my online business . Adsense is just an additional source of income but not the only source of income for me.

Anyways after a lot of experiments I optimised my site to perform well with Google Adsense to earn some extra bucks from Adsense.I will share my experience with Adsense in my upcoming reports. Yahoo Bing Ads – $110:

I don’t say that Yahoo Bing ads are extremely good but they are a good additional source of income.This earning was generated from only one ad unit which is very much impressive.Undoubtedly they are one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense.I read few negative reviews about this network but to earn well with this network your blog must have high traffic with majority of visitors coming from us.

Infolinks – $40:

Currently using one ad unit on my blog and may completely avoid in future.

Direct Advertisements (Including Sponsored Reviews ) – $200

I reduced accepting too many sponsored posts which are likely to have an negative impact on my blog.Accepting only those offers which can add some value to our readers.

SEO Services – $675

Whoa! Here comes my primary source of income.Many clients contact me regarding SEO help.I always give a free advice whenever possible but I get into a deal with those clients who are willing to work with me in long run.

mGinger – $10

This was the first network from which I got my first check of $6.So I cannot forget this network.Though the earning potential of this network is too low ,this gave me an confidence in the beginning that I can actually make money online.

Advice to Newbies:Stay away from this network.This is just a time waste.If you are really interested to make some quick money then try clixsense ,taking surveys and some other ptc networks.

Clixsense – $20

Honestly speaking I don’t actually use this network .All the income which I make from this network is via my referrals.

Total Income for the Month:

Though I was badly stuck with my exams ,I some how managed to run the online business successfully.The past two months March and April changed my strategy of making money online.

Summing up all sources of Income : $1255.If we convert the same into Indian Currency it comes around  Rs 65,000+ which is pretty much decent for now.But one thing is sure “You can never have sufficient money“.

Projects Ahead:

I have some serious projects ahead to increase my online income like

  • Affiliate Marketing : I was working on this since two months and I am already a little successful with Affiliate Marketing.This has a huge potential of making some big bucks Online.Hopefully you will be seeing some numbers via Affiliate Marketing in my next income report.
  • New Blogs : I already bought hosting and couple of domains few months back but I was not able to focus on other blogs due to Time Constraint.Now I am very serious about my new blogs and you will be seeing them live in the upcoming weeks.
  • Expanding my services : As always I want to expand my SEO services.I like dealing with new clients and pick up challenging tasks.

Much More…..Though I covered some of the important projects, there are more and more ideas in my head and wanted to accomplish them one by one.I am not very greedy to make thousands of dollars like the pro internet marketers does but an Income of around $4000-5000+ can give you peace and financial independence.


To make some big bucks online you have to be consistent and keep on updating your skills.Though the competition is very high only the stronger can win the race.Never depend on single source of income.Always have few alternatives.
How is your online business going? I would love to hear them in your comments.


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