January 19, 2021

The Most Expensive Graphics Cards of 2021

Searching for the most expensive graphics cards that money can buy? Let’s take a look at the highest performing GPUs and video cards in the market as of 2021.

What are the most expensive graphics cards available to buy this 2021? Ultra high-performance graphics cards that deliver the best experience are not cheap to come by. If you’re looking for the most expensive GPU or most expensive video card, we’ve got you covered.

Since these things are pricey, we’ll keep the list to the absolute best. We’ll look at their pros and cons as well, so you can be sure that you’re buying the equipment that best fits your needs.

All-Around Performance: NVIDIA QUADRO P6000 Graphics Card

Most people buy ultra-high-performance graphics cards for high-resolution video editing, processing, streaming, or professional gaming. For the rest of us who are looking for an all-purpose yet reliably powerful GPU, this monster is the best fit for you. Priced at over $3,000, the NVidia Quadro P6000 Graphics Card provides users lightning-fast response and a high-fidelity visual experience.

NVIDIA Pascal™ Architecture

Equipped with a massive 24GB GDDR5 RAM, the P6000 can easily take care of all the tasks that you throw at it, whether it be rendering or playing. It also includes:

  • A 4-output display port that supports up to 4 monitors simultaneously;
  • A stereo display connector for the best sound;
  • A DV-I availability option and;
  • A base clock of 1,417 MHz and a boost clock at 1,530 MHz

Pros for the NVIDIA Quadro P6000

  1. The performance is worth its price tag. It accommodates ultra-high game and video rendering settings.
  2. It’s lightweight compared to other graphics cards.

Cons for the NVIDIA Quadro P6000

  1. It has a slightly lower peak bandwidth at 432 gigabytes per second compared to the rest of the video cards in this list, but it’s still highly capable.

For the Gamers: NVIDIA Titan RTX Graphics Card

If you’re one of those gamers who won’t compromise performance and quality and only want the most expensive video cards, the NVIDIA Titan RTX Graphics Card should be right up your alley. It’s garnered all the attention and praise from gamers worldwide for a reason: It’s innovative, and it gives the highest performance that a graphics card can ever do.

NVIDIA Titan RTX Turning Structure

There are many things to like about the NVIDIA Titan RTX:

  • Enhanced clock rates, compared to other video cards in the market;
  • Memory speeds as high as 7,000 MHz;
  • This means this card is also highly versatile;
  • Equipped with 24GB of DDR6 memory;
  • And a high memory bandwidth of 672GB per second;
  • Plus a cool, fine aluminum shell.

The Titan RTX is strong enough to process not just high-powered games but also materials for data science and content creation—a big selling point for seasoned streamers. It’s very versatile and truly an ingenious piece of technology.

Pros for the NVIDIA Titan RTX Graphics Card

  1. Best speed and performance;
  2. Highest display and graphics computing capabilities;
  3. 13-blade fan prevents any overheating

Cons for the NVIDIA Titan RTX Graphics Card

  1. It’s not the lightest graphics card in the market.

All in all, if you want the best in GPU and video card performance, you can choose either the Titan RTX or P6000. All the best in your graphics card search!

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