May 6, 2021

Most Expensive RL Items

Like many other games out there, Rocket League comes with its own cosmetic upgrade system that allows players to show their skills and dedication to the game. There are tons of skins you can use in the game, and some of them can cost thousands of dollars each.

Only the luckiest of players are able to get these skins in random loot drops, so most of them who own them have to spend their hard-earned money to get them. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you which skins are the most expensive and what you have to do to get them.

All Gold Items

All gold skins and items belong to the Alpha Reward or the Alpha Boost pack. The reason why they are so expensive is that these items can’t be obtained by playing the game for years. They were handed out to all Alpha testers who played the game long before it was released for the general public.

In other words, only the players who played the game since day one of the testing phase were able to get the skins. They are known as the OG’s of Rocket League and are by far the most popular skins in the game. All gold skins were handed out in July of 2015, except the Gold Nugget antennas which were handed out to all Beta testers. These items are very popular among pro players who want to let everyone know that they have years of experience playing the game. The collection includes the following items:

  • Gold Rush Skin
  • Goldstone Wheels
  • Gold Nugget Antenna
  • Gold Cap Topper

Most items are valued at over 100,000 credits, or between $700 and $3000 dollars.

Titanium White Vehicles

Next on our list of the most expensive RL items are the Titanium White vehicle skins. These skins are among the most expensive because they are very rare and hard to get. They are the most popular type of vehicle skins released years after the game. The skins look very clean no matter what type of cosmetics you use on the rest of your car, which is why these skins are so popular.

Titanium White skins are available for the most popular vehicles in the game, including Octane and Dominus. They cost between 30k and 120k credits, or between $300 and $1,000 dollars. Their prices sometimes sore because of the higher demand. Basically, all popular items are available in the Titanium White option, but only if you’re willing to spend at least a few hundred dollars on each one. Here are some of the most popular items in this collection:

  • Titanium White Octane
  • Titanium White Dominus
  • Titanium White Mainframe
  • Titanium White Apex Wheels
  • Titanium White Zomba Wheels
  • Titanium White Topper


The Dissolver skin is a reactive skin that can only be bought on the Black Market or third-party marketplaces. Dissolver is the most expensive unpainted Black Market decal, and it costs between 2200 and 3000 credits each. Animated skins are very popular in video games in general because they keep changing colors and making your car look better and better as you keep scoring.

The dissolver skin was released in 2018 and players can get them by buying the Triumph Crate, through a random drop that contains a blueprint or as a special offer. It’s simply a skin that is able to turn every car into a badass vehicle. The skin works with every car, as long as you have the cash to buy it.

Fire God

Fire God is dubbed the best-animated decal in Rocket League. It is a fantastic skin that’s able to transform your current chassis and make it look like your car is on fire. The animation never stops, and the skin is impossible to get without going to the RL markets. The skin was a part of the Impact Crate and Turbo Crate, which are no longer available in the game. Its price is usually between 1250 and 1600 credits, depending on the platform you play on.

It’s widely used by professional players who want to make their car stand out in the crowd. You can see many popular YouTube streamers using this skin, and it’s still a very sought out item in the Black Market. So, if you want to become a Rocket League legend, or should we say – God, this skin is a must!

Crimson Draco

The Crimson Draco collection is by far one of the best-looking skins in the game. It turns your entire car into a fire-breathing dragon vehicle that simply looks incredible. It works excellent with the Heatwave car, and you can recognize it by the very red color. Your car will look as ominous as possible when combined with the Crimson Draco wheels and the Devil’s Horns.

It’s a beautiful skin that will keep turning heads in every match. As you drive around, you will leave a fiery red trail behind you, which is an excellent little detail.

Dueling Dragons

The Dueling Dragons item is a trendy item that can be obtained through the store or a blueprint. Once you have it, two dragons will appear and run down the screen every time you score a goal. The Dueling Dragons item is available in many different colors. Every color has its own sound effects that can sometimes seem very scary. It’s one of the coolest goal celebrations in the game, and it’s a definite must if you want to strike fear in your opponent’s hearts.


That completes our list of the most expensive items in Rocket League. You might be able to collect all of them with some hardcore grinding, but we advise you to find other players who are willing to trade some of these skins with you. Or you can simply go to the RL Trading website and buy yourself all of the skins and items you want.

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