November 12, 2017

Mysterious Green Line Appears on iPhone X Display

The iPhone X was launched last week and with more people getting their hands on their brand new handset, the greater number of complains Apple is facing. Earlier it was the Screen Burn-in problem and now users seeing a mysterious green line on the screen of iPhone X.


A bunch of iPhone X owners has reported the appearance of persistent vertical green line on their display on Apple Support Communities, Twitter, and many other forums. Few users have reported that the green line appears on the home screen while others on the Lock screen or while the system is rebooting.

Restarting the device isn’t the solution to this problem as all these iPhone X owners have tried this method and failed. Few users even observed that restarting the device changed the position of the green line on the screen.

Few Twitter users mix0mat0sis, Nate Heagy and Christian Roman, shared the pictures of examples of the “green line of death” as the latter called it.


At least 20 iPhone X users came up with the problem. However, in all the instances the green line didn’t show up immediately after unboxing the gadget, instead, it appeared after a period of time and usage. Currently, the cause of the problem is still unknown.

According to TechCrunch, “the iPhone Xs have a new diamond sub-pixel pattern in their displays,” with green, blue and red colors. It may be likely that the green lines are appearing due to an electrical fault causing the voltage to flow to all the green sub-pixels in a line. Such kind of issues will occur due to the usage of new technology in the devices.


This kind of issue happened to Samsung last year where pink lines were seen by the customers.

The customers who approached the Apple Store with the default device were given a new iPhone X for free. If anyone of you is facing the trouble with the green line display then approach the Apple Store for an exchange.

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