May 7, 2021

Naked Wines Review: Is It Worth Subscribing To?

Having wine tasting as a hobby can be expensive, especially if you purchase each bottle at their retail prices. Other than that, it can be difficult to find a bottle of wine that you actually like while still remaining within your budget. Fortunately, there are subscription-based companies out there like Naked Wines. According to the site, Naked Wines is the perfect answer for those who love drinking good wine but don’t want to splurge.

Is Naked Wines the subscription service for you? Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Naked Wines?

Naked Wines essentially touts itself as a wine club, where it serves as a bridge between wine lovers and independent winemakers. In fact, it’s said that these winemakers are the ones who benefit the most from the monthly membership fee. According to Naked Wines, the website offers products from award-winning winemakers that you won’t find anywhere else.

How did Naked Wines begin? Well, it’s all thanks to Rowan Gormley, who founded the business in 2008. Gormley wanted to offer affordable bottles of wine by removing the middleman from the equation. If there was no intermediary, Naked Wines could sell premium vintages at a discounted rate compared to other wine companies.

How Does This Subscription Service Work?

When you sign up for a Naked Wines membership, you’ll be asked whether you want a box of six reds, six whites, or a mix of both of these options. Seems simple enough, right? Once everything has been sorted out, Naked Wines has a delivery service that ensures the bottles of wine will get to your house safely. The company will also send out email updates to give you peace of mind, along with your order’s tracking information.

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How Much Does Naked Wines Cost?

As an introductory offer, six bottles of wine—regardless of whether they’re all white, all red, or a mix of both—are priced at $39.99 plus tax. After that, Naked Wines will give you a maximum of 30 days to decide if you want to keep using the service or if you want to cancel instead. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay a fee if you decide to cancel.

On the other hand, if you want to stay subscribed, you can choose to become an “Angel.” An Angel is basically what Naked Wines calls the monthly members. Being an Angel means the company will charge you every month, and the amount depends on you. In fact, you can even pay as much as $100 monthly.

What Are the Wine Options Available?

From what we can tell, most of the bottles available on Naked Wines are from the United States. To be more specific, they’re from either the Pacific Northwest or Northern California. However, you’ll find exceptions every now and again, such as a Portuguese white wine, for example.

The Bottomline—Should You Subscribe to Naked Wines?

Based on Naked Wine reviews online, it appears that most of the Angels are satisfied with the subscription service. Should you subscribe to Naked Wines? Well, if you’re the type who usually orders a lot of wine at retail price, you may want to check out Naked Wines, especially its introductory offer. If you’re more of a casual drinker, committing a certain amount of money just for wine may seem like an incredulous thing to do.

Naked Wines could be a great way to support the winemaking community, though. If you’re interested in doing that, becoming an Angel could seem like a good deal.

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