June 4, 2015

Why Narendra Modi Photo is showing up when someone searches for "Top 10 Criminals" in Google?

There’s been a lot of buzz on Internet about this topic, i.e “Narendra Modi” who is the Prime Minister of India showing up in google search results especially India based search results when someone search for the keywords related to “Top 10 Criminals” , “Top 10 criminals in India” etc. Very few people know that this is due to some peculiar google algorithms but many might tend up believing its true and this might damage the reputation of the Prime Minister.

In this article I won’t be getting much into the legal aspect but I would like to discuss the reason behind why Narendra Modi sir has been showing up for this search results and will discuss few ways to tackle such kind of issues.

Reason behind Narendra Modi showing up in Google Search results for strange keywords:

Firstly people must understand that Google is a robot and not a human being. Its designed with a set of algorithms which automatically scans the whole web and shows up appropriate results based on the algorithm. Though google thrives to show up best possible results in their search results sometime the algorithms fail to do so.

YouTube video

Go to google and search for “Top 10 criminals”,  the below results will show up. The results may have a slight variation based upon your geographic location but they should be at least similar to the below shown screenshot.

top 10 criminals google search results

If you see the above results you can see clearly Narendra Modi sir has been showing up multiple times in the search results.

I went a little deep to verify why this is happening and found few interesting facts. When I clicked the images, the images were pulled from website http://topyaps.com/ who wrote an article about “Narendra Modi Is Among The Top 10 Criminals Searched On Google. Twitter Reacts.”

narendra modi on topyaps

Previously there used to be only one image but when the news started spreading on Internet many websites wrote about this article and now it started showing up multiple times which is not a good thing for “Narendra Modi” reputation.

What was the root cause for this?

The root cause behind this was the article on dnaindia which wrote about “Will ask SC to set up special courts to deal with politicians with criminal backgrounds: Narendra Modi“, the article has few keywords like criminal cases, criminal charges, criminal layer, non-criminal background etc.

article on dnaindia

As we all know google works on the basis of keywords and the keywords that are listed in the article was responsible for this. Generally most of the bloggers and webmasters are aware about this but a common man should understand the same.

How to get rid of this?

There are few ways Narendra Modi sir team can get rid of this to protect his reputation but as of now this has gone out of hands as this news has been widespread. Still I will list down few ways to tackle this scenario.

  1. Contacting Google India is the best way to get rid of this. Google has a very good image recognition algorithm. So if they just filter this search result to block Narendra Modi sir image from this particular search that would be sufficient and I think google India will definitely help in the same.
  2. If the above scenario is not possible the other work around method is to approach the website owners whose articles are showing up for this search results and requesting them to take down the article would be fine. But again as I said the news is widespread and it went out of control now. This would be a laborious job because even if some website owners take down the article other websites start showing up for the same.

So, that’s how things can go wrong with google algorithms. Let us know what do you think on the same in your comments.

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Imran Uddin

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