July 2, 2020

Reddit Secures A Spot Among The Best Places For Nba Live Streaming

A ripple of excitement has spread among the sports fanatics, as it’s the time of the year when their favorite professional league NBA (National Basketball Association) returns.

It is one of the Four Major Professional Leagues and is comprised of 30 teams in total, of which 29 are from America and one from Canada. Each team gets to play approximately 82 games, thereby the league continues till mid of June. The league is known to consist of the finest basketball players and is widely popular for its fandom all across the world.

Every season, the league brings with it not just excitement and entertainment but also keeps the viewers on pins and needles as to who would be crowned champions this time? (Which, by the way, everyone wants their favorite team to be).

But amidst all the thrill and enthusiasm, with games soon to begin, what makes a fan’s feet go cold is whether or not they’ll get to catch up with their favorite team when it plays and stream it live. Well, here is a list of some of the best places where you can enjoy NBA streaming.

How To Stream NBA Live

There are not few but various ways one can stream NBA live, each a bit different from the other and demanding a little from your side. There are categorically two major routes: Cable TV and online streaming via any of the compatible devices including mobiles, tablets, MAC, game console, Roku, etc.

NBA live streaming via cable is often followed by the term ‘Blackout’– that’s where your geographical location and agreement of your streaming services would matter. Hence, you may not be able to view the live broadcast of your favorite team’s game. Bad luck?

Well, in the era of technology, say Good-bye to the impossible and step into the world of online culture, where everything is just a few clicks away.

Online Streaming

Online streaming is associated with the has the highest probability of you catching up with your favorite games live. You can stream NBA live through a number of platforms. We have listed down some for you to make it a bit more convenient.

NBA Streams Reddit

Ask a sports lover who is fond of watching sports online about the best way one could stream NBA live and hear from him respond without a pause or any second thoughts –r/nbastreams! Reddit is home for all the sports geeks, providing mostly all the games in high quality and not costing a single penny. With NBA streams Reddit, it has proven to be the best platform for NBA live streaming. It won’t be wrong to say that Reddit is a dream haven for all NBA lovers!

YouTube TV

Services like DirectTV, HuluTV, and SlingTV have proven to be quite advantageous. They function just like YouTube TV. However, when it comes to the quality of streaming and inclusion of most of the affiliated channels which broadcast the games live including ESPN, TNT, NBA TV, and ABC, YouTube TV stays atop these all. Although these are paid services, but new subscribers can always avail of their free trials, which make these worth a try!

Apps Of The Affiliated Channels

One can also live stream online via the apps of the channels broadcasting the games live including ESPN, TNT, ABC, but to get access to these, a cable subscription is mandatory.


If you are willing to spend a little money for the sake of high-quality 1080p streaming without any ads, then this is your place. To get access to the games, one would need to have a subscription via their NBA league pass, which is obviously paid. There are three different pricing tiers, providing different services, ranging from access to single teams to getting to watch most of the games. Thus, money is honey really implies here and makes sense!


It is actually a media player that is available for Windows and Android. You can download the app for free and install it in whichever compatible gadget you want to. To stream live games via Acestreams, Content IDs are required. Hence, those who want to watch the games that are unavailable in their local markets, this is the place to be. Although the quality is compromised, but that’s not really a big problem, as it goes that half a loaf is better than none.

Free Online Sport Streaming Sites

If nothing seems to work for you, there are certain sites available that have always got your back. The best thing about them is that they are absolutely free! However, you do need to watch out for the ads and scams disguised as fake updates for your device and should avoid clicking on any such links. Installing ad blocker prior to the use of such sites is always a good idea.

Besides, there often are sites that offer free-looking content but end up costing you a top Dollar. Thus, beware of such scams and don’t be fooled.

Cable TV

The foremost way to watch NBA live is via a cable TV, but only if you are fortunate enough!

NBA has signed contracts with several channels that broadcast all the games live and that’s how the streams then hit our screens. The games you don’t get to see on those channels might be telecasted on Regional Sports Channel.

Your satellite provider shows you which channel has to do with the agreement policy of the streaming services. Geographical location also matters in this regard The display of the team on your screen playing games would be region-specific, or in fact, you might unfortunate and experience a Blackout!

So, Cable TV is a great way to watch your favorite NBA teams in play unless a cable subscription is not a big deal for you. However, it is only good till you get to watch NBA Live on the channel of your choice and if the team you support is your home-team!

Closing Words

NBA fans don’t need to fret as there are various ways to watch NBA Live. The NBA 2019-20 season has been suspended though due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but when it resumes, you now know where to head!

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