August 9, 2022

New Technology Coming to the Gaming Industry within the Next Year

New technology is being introduced to the gaming industry all the time, shaping the way we relax, spend our free time, and generally play. This technology is doing a lot for franchises such as Ubisoft, EA Sports, and Rockstar but has also started to emerge into other industries across the world. Here are some of the latest technologies we can expect to see in the near future.

Immersive Gaming

One of the more exciting technology trends that seem to be making a return is head-mounted displays. Virtual reality head-mounted consoles have had some success in the past, but the Oculus Rift aims to change that by providing an immersive 3D rendering option, low latency tracking, and a 110-degree field of view, creating a vivid, head-turning display.

Microsoft is another company bringing this immersive technology with their IllumniRoom. With IllumniRoom, you can project games on the walls and furniture surrounding the TV, expanding your viewing experience. Based on the game you’re playing, your home can be transformed into any digital environment using the Kinect and a projector.

Enhanced Graphics

Water is to fish what graphics are to online games. Yes, they’re that essential. They have the power to make or break a game’s chances of success. Games previously had simple visuals that were drab, colorless, and hard around the edges. However, graphics in shooter games have advanced to new heights due to advances in technology. They may now be viewed in high definition.

Today’s graphics are so realistic that it’s difficult to distinguish between online gaming and real life. For example, Fifa, an online football game, features incredibly lifelike players. The virtual game appears to be a real-life football match due to the sophistication of the visuals! And all of this is because of technology.

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Cloud Gaming

The future of video games is cloud gaming, and it will undoubtedly be the most exciting and game-changing technology. Cloud gaming allows gamers to stream games through video and file streaming methods with the benefit of faster and more reliable internet connections.

Games are directly streamed on demand when it comes to video streaming. Using a thin client, titles are stored on the company’s server and broadcast to computers. Since most of the performance-intensive operations are handled by the server, access to them is not required via a console or even a high-end PC. Many companies provide this type of cloud-based gaming, such as OnLive, Gaikai, Ubitus, CiiNow, and Playcast Media Systems.

The second method is video game streaming, which entails a thin client that runs an actual game on a mobile device, PC, or console. This technique downloads only a tiny portion of the game initially, allowing the player to start playing immediately while the rest of the content downloads during play. Users will have immediate access to games with low latency and limited bandwidth. Approx, Kalydo, and SpawnApps are just a few of the companies that offer this sort of cloud gaming.

Open-Source Gaming

Independent game developers are able to develop mobile and web games using open-source software by using relatively simple and affordable processes. Ouya is one of the best, offering a 1080p display with a vast collection of low-priced or free-to-play games. A major advantage of it is that it functions as a development kit, enabling the creation of and sharing of games without the necessity of an expensive software development kit. Ouya isn’t the only brand selling open-source software. There are lots to choose from, giving you various options.

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Easier Payment Methods

Online payments were once considered dangerous. As a result, it was simpler for users to get scammed or hacked. The most frequent reason for this was the release of personal information and security data. Today, online payments are simple and secure. Users do not have to provide sensitive information, so there is less possibility of fraud. Internet payments have never been easier, thanks to the creation of app stores. Blockchain technology has also enhanced this security further. Crypto wallets don’t require any personal information, so you may pay any amount without revealing your entire identity.

Modular Computers

For those who do not have technical skills, modular computers simplify PC upgrades. The company Razer Inc, which manufactures computers for the gaming market, has developed a modular concept. A modular tower that contains ports for various components, including graphics cards, hard drives, and Blu-ray players, is the concept. One of the companies exhibiting their modular concept was Origin PC, which allows its customers to arrange inner components in various ways, including the motherboard, graphics card, and hard drive. In the long run, this trend will simplify build and upgrade procedures by adding another level of customization.

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