April 5, 2021

Nites TV Shut Down For Copyright Infringement

Nites TV is a live streaming service that garnered popularity over the years. Unfortunately, it appears that it wasn’t a legitimate service that came from official sources. As a result, the service and its domain were officially taken down. When Nites TV reached its peak, there was a lot of debate as to whether the provided service was illegal. However, this confusion finally ended when the shut down happened, as heading to Nites TV’s official website will redirect you to Alliance 4 Creativity, stating that “this website is no longer available due to copyright infringement.”

Unsurprisingly, users were devastated when they found out about the shut down. Nites TV was a fan-favorite among cord-cutters, as it offered up-to-date movies and TV shows without requiring you to pay for anything. Unlike other free streaming services, Nites TV didn’t have any ads or commercials as well, which meant that it offered a seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience for its users.

Many have wondered: how is it possible for a free app to not be ad-supported like Pluto TV? The service attempted to explain the situation in the site’s Terms and Conditions / User Agreement section. It stated that Nites TV was a place where “legal copyright owners” had the opportunity to “self-publish on the Internet” by uploading their videos or other forms of similar media onto the platform.

kalhh (CC0), Pixabay

Moreover, Nites TV went on to say that it doesn’t “actively monitor, screen or otherwise review the media” that users upload to its servers. In other words, Nites TV itself wasn’t the one uploading the films and shows; instead, it relied on its users to do so—assuming, of course, that they were the rightful copyright owners of the uploaded media. Since the site’s admins didn’t check or review the uploaded media, they didn’t really know whether it had violated copyright laws. Thus, it was the users’ responsibility to ensure they had the rights to the content, or at least copyright permissions, before uploading.

The Terms and Conditions also mentioned that if you were a copyright owner who noticed that your content was on Nites TV without authorization, you needed to notify the site right away so that they could take proper action. Copyright violation is serious business, and despite Nites TV’s User Agreement, the site was unfortunately considered to be a law-breaking streaming service.

After the termination of the original Nites TV domain, a new domain appeared in the form of “nites.is.” Unfortunately, it appears that this new domain no longer works for most people as well. There are so many streaming websites available that you need to be careful, as many are either illegal or unsafe for use.

Before choosing an online streaming site you want to stick with for an indefinite period of time, you need to check first if it’s an official or legitimate service. If not, there’s a chance you could get in legal trouble for streaming copyrighted titles. Fortunately, there are several legit streaming sites out there that are available for free, so you may want to check those out in order to stay safe from any questionable or sketchy platforms.

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