February 19, 2019

Olymp Trade Mobile App: The World of Trading in Your Smartphone

Olymp Trade Mobile App: the World of Trading in Your Smartphone

Mobile devices have become so multifunctional that it no longer seems impossible to make money using them. We suggest that you use your smartphone not only as a tool for chatting, watching videos or playing games, but as a source of income.

The company has provided trading services since 2014. It is a member of the international Financial Commission and has a Verify My Trade execution certificate.

The Olymp Trade Option app is intended for trading options, the most transparent financial instrument. Intuitive interface and built-in free training makes this process easy and profitable. Olymp Trade has proved that trading is simple.

How to become a trader?
Install the official app on Google Play and register quickly. To do it, enter your email, phone number, name and a strong password. You will also have to choose the account currency (euro or dollars).

Before you are redirected to the basic section, you will be offered to acquaint yourself with an introduction to trading on the platform.

What is an option?
When working with options on Olymp Trade, you can make money forecasting the changes in the price of currency pairs, bitcoins, gold, shares of popular companies. This is what the process of trading looks like: you select an asset (let it be gold), enter an investment amount (for example, $10) and set the time, by which the forecast should have materialized.

Make sure you check the rate of return that you will get if your trade closes successfully. If it is 80%, the profit will amount to $8. All you will have to do after that is to push a red (a short trade) or green (a long trade) button.

A long trade will be a success if by the selected time the quotes are above the closing price (strike price). A short trade will be profitable if the chart gets below the strike price.

There are plenty of techniques that can help you make correct forecast. You can find out about them on Olymp Trade.
An introduction to the platform
As soon as the main part of a trader’s work is studying the chart, it takes up most of the space. There are two types of charts in the app: a line and a candlestick one.

At the bottom of the screen you can see a field where you can enter the trade amount, the time frame, and choose the strike price. In some cases, a change in the strike price may affect the potential return on an asset. Red and green buttons on the sides are used for confirming the intention to make a trade.

Please note that the minimum time frame of a trade is 1 minute!

You can access your personal account using the left side menu to view the status of open trades, read notifications, select an indicator or change the type of chart and its timeframe. By clicking the icon with three horizontal lines you can switch to the training (demo) mode.

Demo account
We recommend that you start working with a demo account. In this mode, you can make trades using demo units, that is, without the risk of losing real money. All the company’s clients get access to it, and the number of units can be reset as many times as a trainee needs. Many traders say that trading on a demo account helped them quickly achieve high results.

To make better forecasts, one should thoroughly analyze the chart. Special built-in indicators can help a user do it.

There are 5 indicators on the Olymp Trade platform, including Parabolic SAR, RSI, Stochastic, MACD and SMA. A special algorithm of every indicator analyzes the chart.

For example, RSI can be used to spot an ideal point of a trend reversal. Go long if the signal line of the indicator drops below the 30 level, and go short if it gets above the 70 level.

There are also 3 graphical analysis tools in the app: a trend line, horizontal and vertical lines.

Deposit and withdrawal

To join the fight for real, you need to top up your account. A trader do it using various payment methods right in the Olymp Trade mobile app.

Skrill is an electronic payment system that processed the requests for money deposits and withdrawals faster than other ones.

Both minimal deposit and withdrawal amounts are just $10 or €10, and one needs to invest as little as $1 to open a trade. Under such conditions, everyone can afford to become a trader!

We wish you successful trading on Olymp Trade!

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