February 3, 2016

Weird Fact!! Bill Gates Hacked His School’s Computer To Meet Girls

Bill Gates needs no introduction at all. We all know Bill Gates is the most popular personality and most of the people know Bill Gates as the richest person in the world. Bill Gates is a renowned business magnate, devoted philanthropist, software pioneer, and more importantly, the world’s richest man. He is a co-founder of the software tech giant, Microsoft. We all know the current life of Bill Gates but, do you know the childhood of Bill Gates? Here is some interesting fact of the most respectable person in the world.

Are you excited to know that most fascinating fact? Yeah!! It’s not just interesting rather astonishing that the richest person in the world hacked his school’s computer so as to meet girls. Incredible, right? But, it’s true! Bill Gates himself has revealed this unknown childhood memory. Let’s get into the article to know much about his interests and how he hacked his school’s computer at a small age.

Interesting Fact About Bill Gates

Bill Gates, who was born into a professional family has built one of the biggest software companies in the world. Computers fascinated him from an early age and he employed his expertise to hack into his school’s computers to meet girls. Since his childhood, Bill Gates was very much influenced by the usage of computers. For the first time, he used his computer at a private school in Seattle. There, he wrote his first computer program and at that time, he wasn’t a fully grown-up but, he was aged just 13.

Bill Gates Hacked His School Computer to Meet Girls

As well all know, Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft and the other co-founder of the company is Paul Allen. They were actually school mates who met while attending Lakeside School, which is a private school in Seattle. Despite Allen was two years old of Bill Gates in school, they became friends as they both have a strong love of computers. Apart from being passionate about computers, they used to hack into computers from time to time.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen Hacked Computers to Meet Girls

It is a popular story that tells how Bill Gates hacked into his school computer to meet girls. In a recent interview with BBC, Bill Gates exudes more light over this narrative and tells how he enlisted himself in the classes where he was the only boy among a lot of girls.

Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates Hacked Computers

He and the Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen hacked and make changes to school’s scheduling software to up Gates’ chances of getting a grade. Bill Gates wrote a class scheduling program for his school. He tweaked the program’s code so that he was placed in classes with mostly female students. He made sure to “preload” himself into an English class with a dozen girls and no other boys.

“Paul did the computer scheduling with me. Unfortunately for him, he was two years ahead of me and he was off to college by then,” Gates says.

“So I was the one who benefited from being able to have the nice girls, at least, sit near me. It wasn’t that I could talk to them or anything — but they were there. I think I was particularly inept at talking to girls, or thinking, ‘OK — do you ask them out, do you not?’ When I went off to Harvard I was a little bit more sociable. But I was below average on talking to girls.”

Bill Gates became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire by the year 1987 with a $1.25 billion worth. These days Gates is primarily focusing on philanthropy and inspiring billionaires to sign the Giving Pledge.

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