September 14, 2022

Online Tracking: The Most Complete Tool for Parcel Tracking

The parcel tracking platform, otherwise known as shipment tracking, is an important part of any e-commerce business. It helps you track your orders, identify their status, and get notifications when they are delivered. Before the advent of technology, it was difficult for people to accurately track their parcels and orders. However, thanks to technological advancement, online tracking has improved the way consumers can track their orders.

Why Your Company Needs Online Tracking Systems

E-commerce companies need to integrate with multiple carriers, such as DHL and FedEx, to ensure that all shipments reach their destination safely and on time. The most convenient way to do this is with the use of online tracking systems.

Online tracking allows you to track your shipments, manage orders and send notifications about delivery status, as well as various other features such as real-time tracking or automatic notification when the package is picked up from the post office. In addition to this, it also provides webhooks for e-commerce developers who want their sites to integrate automatically with their services by simply using an API key that will enable the tracker to communicate back and forth with them about any changes in the state of their parcels’ journey through the tracking system.

There are various online parcel tracking systems to use. However, a good shipment tracking system should support multiple carriers so you can track parcels from multiple countries at once, as well as provide detailed information about where your shipment is in transit. This service should also have an easy-to-use interface that lets you view all the data quickly without having to log into any other accounts or applications while being able to export any part of it into common formats such as CSV or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

The best tracking systems to use are those that integrate with different APIs, making it easier for e-commerce businesses to work with multiple carriers or platforms like Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce. To ensure that your customers can track their shipments, you will need to integrate with multiple carriers, each having its API and logic for working with them. This integration should use one single interface instead of building multiple apps for each platform they use.

The Benefits of Online Tracking

Online tracking is useful in many areas of shipping. It can help you keep track of your shipments, whether they are being sent by mail or parcel delivery.

Avoid Unnecessary Delays 

If you are shipping a package, knowing where it is can help you plan your day. According to UPS’ statistics from 2015-2016 alone, their customers lost $1 billion solely due to delays caused by weather conditions—not including any other factors such as traffic accidents or natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, etcetera). And this number does not even include lost sales directly related to these types of circumstances.

Furthermore, by providing real-time updates on deliveries, you can help reduce customer frustration with delays in delivery times and cancellations—a big concern for many businesses today.

Improve Administrative Efficiency 

You can reduce the amount of paperwork your drivers have to fill out by using online tracking. This will save you time and money and make your team more efficient overall. It also reduces the need for drivers to spend hours filling out paperwork at a terminal or on paper forms.

Online tracking further ensures that customers receive accurate information about what happens when they make a purchase online so that there are no surprises regarding missed deliveries or damaged goods being returned without any explanation whatsoever (which would cause major problems).


Online tracking is helpful for both shipping companies and their customers. When you use online parcel tracking, it is easy to see exactly where your package is at all times without having to wait for it to arrive at its destination. This makes it easier for you and the recipient of your package alike because there will be no guesswork involved when trying to figure out what happened during transit or if something could have gone wrong along the way—you’ll know right away.

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