January 31, 2020

Online vs. Offline Games

The debate about online and offline games is common in the gaming community. The real ordeal is to convince both kinds of gamers about the benefits of one and the adverse effects of another. Our friends at FizGames have helped us create the article: Online v/s Offline games: Which are better?

What are Online Games?

Online games are games which require an uninterrupted internet connection. This is because the players need to stay connected with the internet while the game is being played live. There are a variety of online games being played across the internet. These include Real-Time Strategy Games (RTS), First Person Shooter Games (FPS), Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO), Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games (MOBA), Battle Royale Games, Console Gaming and Browser Games.

  • First Person Shooter Games (FPS) involves battle games where two players battle each other to a deathmatch. These games have gained popularity over the years and remain the top preference of online gamers. Example of First Shooter Games includes Counter-Strike and Call of Duty.
  • Real-Time Strategy Games (RTS) allow players from all around the world to team up on the internet into various teams and play live games while communicating strategies to one another. The most famous examples of RTS games include Star Craft (1998) and League Of Legends (2009).
  • Massively Multiplier Games, like their name, suggests involving the same game being played by millions of players worldwide. Massively Multipliers Games can involve Real-Time Strategy games, First Person Shooter and role-playing games. All these games can be played in two modes: player v/s player or player v/s environment. By 2010, Multiplayer Battle Arena Games became popular and games like League of Legends took the world of gaming by storm. Their popularity led to the development and progress of electronic sports or e-sport.
  • Battle Royale games involve survival and scavenger hunt as their main themes where are Browser Games make use of browsers as their clients and allow a single player to play online games. Console gaming involves connecting two or more devices using system link. Xbox Live is an example of Console Games.

What Offline Games?

Compared to Online games, Offline Games can be played in intervals and even while staying offline. For playing these games, one does not need to be connected to the internet all the time. Offline games also involve role-playing and strategy games. In this aspect, they are like online gaming.

Online vs. Offline Games

After a huge section dedicated to describing what online and offline games are and how are they played worldwide, let us now examine the good and bad implications of playing each one of them.

Pros and Cons of Online Games

On the bright side, online gaming promotes networking and friendship among people from around the world. Additionally, real-time playing also helps people develop sharp reflexes. They are able to come up with solutions in a given frame of time and make smart decisions in a short time. Other than that, it helps users learn team play. They teach them a thing or two about how teams face a challenge together on battlefields. Moreover, online games also make players realize what kinds of players make good teammates and what kind of person is suitable for which role.

The negative impact of online gaming includes irritability, aggression, gaming addiction and disconnect from real life. Online games require players to play a game non-stop unless it is over. This can cause severe damage to health due to a lack of sleep and increased screen time. The dark effects of playing online games start showing up slowly and gradually in a person’s behavior.

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Pros and Cons of Offline Games

When it comes down to offline games, not only these games are less popular than online ones, the truth is, they have lesser pros and cons as compared to online games. While online games promote team playing and relationship building among players from across the world, offline games are played in relative isolation unless the player invites someone to play with them. Additionally, offline gaming also requires some investment to be made into the gaming equipment.

Which is Better – Our Verdict

We live in an era of online communications where the internet has changed the face of everything from employment to dating and relationships, food ordering to online shopping, car tracking to bank account management. The rise in the use of social media has created remote jobs and made every aspect of our lives better. The age-old adage of people being turned into zombies because of technology has not only been challenged but also proven wrong in most cases.

People of this generation learn a lot from their peers, whether online or in offline situations and they let nothing get in the way of their goals. The belief that online gaming hampers a person’s personal life and disrupts relationships is also not true. People these days become good friends online and some even travel to meet each other.

Thus, online gaming clearly has advantages over offline gaming and our preferred choice too. Online gaming has made it possible for people worldwide to come together on one platform like fizgames, one of the best gaming websites, and play with each other, consequently, promoting friendships and trust while keeping the fun element alive. A whole new gaming community has been born which is supportive and based on trust.

In addition to this, online gaming is the cause of the rise of e-sports and fantasy sports where playing live while betting real-time is allowed. Proper regulations and fair play have made betting and gambling on the outcomes of online games safer and easier. No wonder online games have received such popularity which is only increasing.

However, there is only one relevant downside to online gaming which we agree to and that is, online gaming gets addictive. In order to break free from the spellbound nature of online gaming, it is important that the players take long breaks between games. This will help them stay in touch with their surroundings and not incur bad health due to constantly sitting in one position and staring at the screen. Alternatively, online gaming sites do offer help if a person feels helplessly addicted to online games. Players can always use their help in times of need.

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