April 10, 2014

Best Adsense Placement for Blogger/Blogspot Blogs to Generate Good Income

Ad Sense is the primary source of Income for many Bloggers and there is no limit on how much you earn with AdSense. Simply creating a website and getting AdSense doesn’t make you earn good Money.You need to know some simple things to make some decent amount from Adsense.

1.Placement of Ads:

Yes! Proper placement of Ads will boost your income for sure. I have tested this on one of my Blog and got Some Fruitful results. By placing Ads at proper places you can get a good number of clicks, it will increase CTR and obviously boost income.
My Tips
  • I suggest you to Place Ads below post title and End of Post to get a good number of Clicks.
  • If you want to earn more replace the ads wit a bigger size. I recommend you to use 728×300 Responsive Ad units below post title to make extra bucks.
  • Generally Ads at this place will irritate some visitors but if you want to Earn more you have to adjust with issues like this!
  • Place Ads beside Menu Bar to make few extra bucks.
  • You can also place ads at the middle of a post. This is also a very good method to increase your CTR, but in blogger it is a bit tricky to place ads at the middle –> Click here to know the simple method place ads at the middle of a blogpost.

Use of Responsive Ads and Custom ads:

Till now you heard about the Responsive template. Google recently introduced responsive ads also. Using responsive ads with the responsive template will increase your income for sure.

Responsive ads are nothing but the ads which will adjust to the width of the screen. Just check below an example of responsive ads.



2.Loading Time:

Loading Time plays a crucial role in your Blog’s Success. Yes, loading time has an impact on Adsense Earning also. If your blog is slow then your Ads will load slowly within this time the reader may leave your blog!
If you placed Ads below post title then loading time has great impact on your earnings.When your Ads load as soon as visitor gets landed on the page the probability of clicking Ads is more! So if your blogs doesn’t have good loading time then though you place Ads below post title can’t make much Earnings.


Traffic is important to Earn More and More from AdSense. If you can build more traffic then you can earn more for sure. I can simply say that More the Traffic More the Income.


Google Ads are based on keywords. Some keywords are having high CPC then other. So if you can write about targeted keywords then you earn something more than normally you earn.

5.Traffic From US/UK

I found this on my experience that Traffic from US, U.K, Canada, and Australia will boost Income for sure. I already said more the traffic more the income. Generally CPC for US/UK clicks is much much greater then Indian CPC. So get targeted traffic and boost your income.

6.Selection of Ad Units:

This is one more important thing you need to take care of. Selecting a good Ad unit also helps you to increase your revenue from Adsense.

Recently Google introduced custom ad unit also. You can find in your adsense dashboard while creating the new ad unit.

What to Choose Image or Text Ads?

  • I can’t say exactly but with my experience Image ads are performing better then Text ads. Image Ads are some what more catchy and will attract readers. I recommend you to use both image and text ads on your blog.

Which Size Ads Units is Best?

  • 728×300 responsive ad is one of the best Ad unit. 300×250, 336×280, 300×600, 160×600 and 768×90 Ads are also best to generate good number of clicks.

7.Place Ads between Blog Posts:

This will work sometimes better.Placing Ads between blog post will definitely boost your income but it will give some bad user experience.
  • I recommend you to place 728×90 Responsive Text Ad unit which will be best to earn as well as without loosing user experience.

8.Try to Use Maximum Number of Ad units:

You can use 5 banner Ads and 2 Text link Ads using Google Adsense. So I recommend you to use maximum Ad units to earn more.

9.Place Text Link Ad units below Menu Bar.

Yes, this will give some fruitful results placing text link Ad units below menu Bar will generate some good number of clicks.

10.Some More Tips:

  • Don’t Place Ads Side by Side.
  • Give Top Priority to Loading Time.
  • Get More Search Traffic.
  • Concentrate on High CPC keywords.


About the author 

Imran Uddin

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