June 10, 2021

OshenWatch Review: Scam or Legit?

In a society that has become more and more health-conscious, smartwatches are not all the rage. Whether you’re a student, a working adult, or a parent, having a smartwatch around can come in handy, especially if you’re trying to keep track of your activities and health. One smartwatch brand that has caught the eye of some people is OshenWatch. It’s relatively new, so not a lot of people know about it yet, which is why our review can help you make an informed decision.

OshenWatch currently has two products available: the OshenWatch Luxe smartwatch, which has a circular shape and has a sporty look, and the OshenWatch smartwatch, which is rectangular in shape and looks similar to the Apple Watch in design. In this review, we’ll talk more about the latter and discuss its features.

Smartwatch Design

The OshenWatch smartwatch is one of the newer fitness wearables to appear in the market, which is why it has caused a buzz among the health-conscious. Oshen touts this smartwatch to be many things at once: a phone, a health monitoring device, and a watch. At first glance, the OshenWatch smartwatch’s design looks very similar to that of the Apple Watch. It comes in a rectangular shape and an aluminum body, with a glossy finish that makes it look sleek and classy yet sporty at the same time.

The OshenWatch smartwatch is made out of impact-resistant material, which means you can rest easy knowing it won’t break that easily. These days, it’s common for gadgets to be waterproof or water-resistant, and the same goes for Oshen’s smartwatches. The OshenWatch smartwatch has an IP67 waterproof rating, so it can withstand rain, splashes, and can even survive up to 3 feet underwater for 30 minutes.

That said, it’s still not recommended that you wear it while swimming, but it’s reassuring to know that it won’t be ruined that easily by water.

OshenWatch Features

As mentioned, Oshen markets the OshenWatch smartwatch to be a 3-in-1 device. Based on the promotional material for this smartwatch, you can supposedly use it to keep track of your health and stay in tip-top shape. With it, you can check and track your blood pressure, ECG, heart rate, and oxygen saturation. This is a common feature for many fitness bands or smartwatches out there.

Of course, don’t think that the device is completely accurate, and you shouldn’t use it to medically diagnose yourself. The OshenWatch seems to be jam-packed with features, as you’ll also find an option to monitor your sleep.

Sport Tracking

Just like other smart wearables, the OshenWatch smartwatch has an automatic step counter. If you run or jog, this step counter can come in handy, as it also comes with calorie and distance counters. There are different sports modes you can choose from, depending on the physical activity you’re doing. So, you can switch it to walking, running, or any other available function.


With the OshenWatch smartwatch, you can stay up-to-date without having to take out your phone from your pocket or bag thanks to its real-time notifications. As soon as you receive a call, an SMS, or social media notifications, the smartwatch will light up and alert you right away.

Full Specs

Here are some of the specifications you can expect from the OshenWatch smartwatch:

Dimensions:36.3 x 12.5 mm Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1
Material: Aluminum Battery:380 mAh with 3-4 days of battery life
Display: Full Color LCD Display with Touch Screen Waterproof Rating: IP67 Waterproof
Sensors: G-sensor, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor Compatibility: iOS 8.0 or above; Android 4.4 or above

Is the OshenWatch Legit?

While it does seem like OshenWatch has great features, is it legit or a scam? Unfortunately, it’s hard to pinpoint its legitimacy especially since there’s a lot of negative reviews out there saying that their smartwatch broke down quickly and other complaints. As such, it’s best to really do your research before diving in—check non-sponsored OshenWatch reviews on YouTube and blogs.

OshenWatch Headquarters

Based on our research, the company behind OshenWatch, Strong Current Enterprises Limited, is based in Hong Kong. That’s why we think that the smartwatch is manufactured in China, despite the fact that the official website claims it’s made in Germany.


It’s great to have an affordable smartwatch that can help you monitor your health and keep track of your activities. Based on its features, it seems that OshenWatch has a classy design that contains all those great features. However, this brand isn’t that well-known yet, and we can’t say for sure whether it’s reliable or worth buying. Again, do thorough research first and if you’re having doubts, you should just buy another brand instead.

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