May 2, 2021

PatPat Review: Should You Shop for Your Baby Here?

If you’re a parent or a relative looking to buy clothes and accessories for babies, toddlers, and kids in general, you may have stumbled upon PatPat’s website. PatPat touts itself to be above other online retailers, as it offers high-quality goodies at discounted prices. This may seem too good to be true that you might even be wondering if you can trust this site or if it’s a scam like many others.

More About PatPat

Launched in 2014, PatPat is an online retailer by CEO Albert Wang and COO Ken Gao. The shop proudly offers trendy and fashionable items for both babies and moms. According to the company’s tagline, which is “make quality affordable,” PatPat is supposed to offer interested customers high-quality products without having to burn a hole in their pockets.


If you’re an avid online shopper, you most likely want only the best of deals. As mentioned, PatPat touts itself to be an affordable online store, and it’s clear to see that this is true. Most of the products on PatPat are sold at low prices because, according to the company, it works directly with manufacturers. As such, there’s no need to increase prices because there’s no intermediary.

Is PatPat Legit?

It’s normal to feel wary towards online stores you’ve never shopped in before. After all, scammers have become more prominent during the last few years, and you’ll want to avoid that kind of situation happening to you. So, one of the questions you may be wondering is, “Is PatPat legit?”

As far as we can tell, this online shopping platform is legit. One reason why we believe so is that PatPat is owned by Interfocus, Inc., which is an officially registered company that even has its own office in California. Most of the time, businesses made for scamming usually don’t bother with legal company registrations.

Other than that, you don’t have to worry about not receiving your orders when you buy from PatPat. This is another clear sign of why it’s a legit shop. After all, PatPat reviews wouldn’t praise the company and its products if they never received them in the first place.

Is It Safe to Shop on PatPat?

Yes, it’s just as safe to shop on PatPat as it is on other eCommerce sites. This is because the online site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to ensure that your personal information is encrypted and safe from third-party groups who want to steal your data. As such, you don’t have to worry about entering your payment information or other personal details on PatPat.

What Are Some of the Products You’ll Find on PatPat?

PatPat has a wide range of products you can choose from. But of course, they all cater to children and families. PatPat’s official website is organized and easy to navigate, so you can already see from the get-go that there are different menus and categories for didn’t items. You’ll find clothes, gear, and accessories for babies, toddlers, kids, and even matching outfits for the baby and mom.

Other than that, PatPat offers products for women in general like bags and maternity clothes and products and accessories for your home. As you can see, PatPat could be a one-stop-shop for your family.

How About PatPat’s Product Quality?

Of course, it would be pointless to have a wide selection of products if their quality isn’t good. Based on PatPat reviews, though, most of the customers are satisfied with their orders and especially with the quality of the items. This isn’t altogether surprising, though, because PatPat states that they check and ensure quality in all their products before sending them out.

Is It Easy to Buy From PatPat?

Asides from offering affordable clothing and accessories, PatPat also has a user-friendly interface that’s easy to use even for those parents who aren’t tech-savvy. PatPat can be accessed either through a desktop computer or mobile phone. If you’re using a smartphone, PatPat’s official website is optimized for mobile devices as well, so all of the web pages will fit within your screen.

PatPat also has an app available for Android and iOS devices, in case you prefer to use it over the website. The mobile app has all the products, categories, and features available on the website so that you won’t miss out on anything.

Shipping & Delivery

PatPat can ship its products to about 95 countries, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to shop from the online store. If you live in the United States, standard shipping takes about 5 to 12 business days, while express shipping is more or less 3 to 5 business days.

Refund & Return Policy

It’s common to want to return products and get a refund whenever you receive a product that didn’t reach your expectations or doesn’t fit you as well as you initially thought. Fortunately, the company allows you to return products by applying for a Return Request. Once approved, you can either get a refund or an exchange.

Unlike other online retailers, though, PatPat’s return policy is not a “no questions asked” one. You’ll have to explain why you want to return a product, and you’ll also have to attach some photos to back up any claims you may have. After submitting your Return Request, PatPat’s team will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.


If you’re interested in purchasing clothing for babies or mommies, PatPat may have caught your eye during your search. As far as we can tell, PatPat has a good reputation before it, with only a couple of complaints here and there about late deliveries and the like. For the most part, though, PatPat offers good service.

If you want to turn your kid into a fashion icon, PatPat has everything you need.

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