October 24, 2015

Paytm Introduces Mobile Wallet Recharge Via ATMs – Recharge On the Go

Paytm, India’s largest mobile payment & commerce platform has introduced a new Mobile Wallet top up feature through Bank ATMs  in a move aimed at improving user convenience. It is the best place for most of the consumers that provide a complete marketplace on its mobile apps and offers mobile recharge and utility bill payments. The company has teamed up with the Bank of Maharashtra and launched this service to provide a Wallet top up service to its customers. This new mobile wallet top-up feature will allow the users to recharge their Paytm mobile wallet through ATMs. Paytm partnered with banks in order to assist the debit card users to top up their Paytm Wallet through any of the bank’s ATMs.

Paytm mobile wallet top-up

The initiative of the largest E-commerce company will be rolled out across the country over the next few days. The company is looking forward to collaborating with other leading banks to assist customers top-up their wallets using ATMs. One can easily top up their Paytm wallet with their debit cards just by moving into any of the bank’s ATMs across the country.

Paytm provides many services to its users and it has recently announced a 2-hour mobile phone delivery to its customers so that anyone who has ordered a mobile phone will be delivered at their doorstep within 2 hours. Paytm is working on to provide various services to its users thereby enhancing user convenience.

Recharge on the go – Visit Any Bank’s ATM

Paytm has initially launched this feature with Bank of Maharashtra so that the people of Maharashtra having debit cards will be now able to top up their Paytm Wallet on-the-go. Through this mobile wallet top-up feature through the Bank’s ATMs, users can do the following:

  • Make Mobile or Utility Bills Payment
  • Shop Online at different Destinations
  • Pay for Services such as Cab Fare, etc.

Paytm top-up recharge via ATM

Customers of the Bank of Maharashtra can now use their debit card to top up their Paytm wallet just by walking into more than 1,800 ATMs across the country. The company is in the process of partnering with many other leading banks across the country to expand its services to all its customers via bank ATMs. The top-up feature is introduced so as to make transactions easier and everyone can access quickly from anywhere across the country. It seems to be a vital step  towards powering cash-free transactions.

Through this new Paytm Mobile Wallet top-up feature, Paytm aimed at bringing people closer to a cashless nation. The top-up recharge process using the debit cards will be similar to the process of withdrawing cash from an ATM machine. There is a slight difference in the process – instead of withdrawal, you can just top-up your mobile wallet. Earlier, Paytm has rolled out a new feature to transfer Paytm cash directly to your bank account so that the amount will be transferred automatically to your bank account.

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