July 7, 2022

Information security systems and cloud platform of Phoenix Platform

Phoenix Introduction

With two decades of experience, Phoenix Platform has launched numerous successful projects for the IT industry. Phoenix’s track record speaks for itself because it has the best industry minds, skillsets, and records of delivering what is promised. Along with other IT projects, Phoenix company is providing its services in the field of information security and the cloud. Phoenix company is serving more than 35 financial institutions with more than 450 satisfied customers. 4 out of 6 major telecom companies are using Phoenix products and services. More than 2000 information security professionals have been trained by the Phoenix company.

In the domain of information security and cloud-based monitoring products, Phoenix products are designed to provide specialized monitoring, IT risk assessment, event analysis, and instant response with intelligence to the valued users and customers. The information security systems of the Phoenix company are based on simple ideas: monitoring and understanding human behavior patterns and predicting the next steps.

For software developers, Phoenix Platform provides code review services in security perspectives that can help them develop a secure code and mitigate security loopholes during testing and risk assessment. The information security code review system assists developers in learning secure coding practices by notifying suggestions during software development.

For investors, Phoenix Platform provides a cloud-based security platform in the form of an online web monitoring system. Despite using traditional desktop-based on-premises security monitoring systems, Phoenix provides a cloud-based monitoring platform equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to identify and predict patterns across large sets of aggregated organizational data. Investors do not need to establish on-premises IT security monitoring infrastructure; instead, they can invest in cloud-based IT security monitoring and threat intelligence platforms to protect their IT infrastructure. With connectivity made in milliseconds, Phoenix technology is imperceptible to investors. Phoenix provides state-of-the-art industrial solutions with scalability and easy configurations.

Phoenix Platform Projects and Features

Phoenix projects related to information and cybersecurity have different propositions. Phoenix company has developed Phoenix Cybersecurity Research and Development (PCR&D) Lab intending to collect the best minds of the information security industry and academia from researching and developing state-of-the-art information security solutions. Phoenix Information Assurance Solutions (PIAS) project provides cutting-edge solutions to comprehend the complex information assurance requirements.

Phoenix Information Access and Monitor (PIAM) project provide services of monitoring, analysis, risk assessment, threat intelligence, and response to the customers. Phoenix Institute of Security Professionals (PISP) project is established to train professionals in the field of information security, it raises awareness about the importance of information security importance with seminars, pieces of training, and certifications. Phoenix Solutions-Support-Commitment (PSSC) project provides the best security solutions (on-premises and cloud-based) with the Phoenix support and commitment of 24/7 availability.

 Phoenix features include adaptive security architecture that enables organizations to efficiently detect, predict, prevent, and respond to the APTs (Advance Persistent Threats). The cloud-based security monitoring system provides DAM (Database Activity Monitoring) feature to encounter database-related attacks. PIAS project has network and cloud threat detection feature that works like an IDS (Intrusion Detection System) or IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) to thwart network-based attacks.

Above all, Phoenix Platform provides SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) feature for their customer that acts as a one-window solution to integrate multiple security services. In this context, Phoenix is also providing support and services to well-known SIEM solutions like IBM QRadar, and AlienVault SIEM. PIAS projects have features like Host-based IDS, FIM (File Integrity Monitoring), and IAM (Identity Access Management). These features help to promote the product and fulfill most of the requirements of Phoenix investors and customers. PIAS products can also be integrated with cloud-based services to provide more robust security features.

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