February 6, 2016

Nikon Photography Awards Badly Photoshopped Picture, Gets Caught And Trolled By The Internet!

It is quite common that mistakes on the internet happen even to the best of us. But, if you are a popular figure who is well-known to the whole world having millions of fans on the social media, then it seems little embarrassing so that you get into a damn trouble. Sometimes, you wish to win really hard. In fact, you don’t even try to do it fairly… or competently. It is actually started when Chay Yu Wei was awarded by Nikon for a shot of a plane flying over a ladder. Despite how people with superficial knowledge and Photoshop and large screens quickly found out, that image was a hoax and not even an intricate thing.

The main problem started when Nikon decided to give a prize to Chay Yu Wei for managing to “catch an airplane in mid-air.”  The problem was that there was no plane in the original shot to start with. The photo was so poorly edited that you could notice it on any larger screen. Someone noticed that the plane was added later and that all it has done was an adjustment of the levels to prove it.

Nikon awarded a prize to Chay Yu Wei for managing to “catch an airplane in mid-air.”

Nikon Awards Prize to Badly Photoshopped picture

However, he’s caught just by changing the levels you can immediately see it is photoshopped.

Poorly Photoshopped Image - Nikon Awards

Just take a closer inspection so that you can notice a white box around the airplane. The situation actually got worse when someone posted an answer from the photographer as well. Some guy commented on the post that a simple levels adjustment reveals this box quite clearly.

Photographer’s Response

To a question: ‘How long did you wait for that plane?’ he replied: ‘Not too long! I was lucky! Thank you so much!’

Photographer's response

But it was too late because in the meantime, trolls followed:

Trolls on Internet for the picture

The force of the comments was so strong.

Nikon Awards - poorly Photoshopped Picture

Totally NOT Photoshopped! I have the same lens!

The Internet Responds to Nikon Awards A Badly Photoshopped Photo

Can I haz one trolly Bag too?

Trolly Bag

Seems quite legit!

Badly Photoshopped picture

The one with Bond, James Bond 007 chanced upon a set of ladders.

Bond - James Bond 007

Wow!! Did he expect to catch a bride in mid-air aisle??


Nikon, you should thoughtfully contemplate a new crusade for the best photoshopped image from this thread. Winner gets a camera instead, at least, we put in an effort to obtain it goes viral online.

cats on Picture - Photoshop

After a while Nikon responded and admitted their mistake:

“At Nikon, we believe that innovation and imagination are at the heart of every image. While innovation is driven by the technological advances in our devices and cameras, we see imagination as the ability to see greatness and use each and every tool at your disposal to make them real.

NikonCaptures is a casual photography contest that focuses not on the devices or props you use, but on the imagination and creativity that each photographer exudes while capturing and sharing their images. We have taken in every feedback received, and we sincerely apologise for the oversight on our part. We are now in the process of carefully revisiting the contest’s rules and regulations, for the benefit of all our current NikonCaptures members. We will update everyone of the contest rules once we have revisited all of them.

At the same time, we welcome the funny and witty entries being shared in response to our recently awarded image. It’s with joy that we acknowledge that the global photography and image community is alive and thriving. We thank you for the numerous spontaneous contributions and encourage everyone to keep the imagination alive.”

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