June 17, 2021

Is Polomano a Scam?

You probably want to look sleek and classy during a business meeting, a date, or for any other reason. However, formal attires don’t always come cheap, which is why many people prefer retailers that offer casual and formal outfits for a significantly lower price. One of the websites that have caught the attention of gentlemen far and wide is Polomano, but is this online retailer reliable? We’ve heard some negative reviews from customers, and we’re here to set things straight.

What Is Polomano?

Polomano is an eCommerce site that offers clothing items that specifically cater to men who want to look and feel good. Browsing through the site, you’ll see that the company offers a wide variety of apparel perfect for all occasions—may it be casual or formal. You’ll find shorts, shirts, polos, jackets, and many more in different sizes, colors, designs, and textures.

That being said, we don’t actually know anything about Polomano, at least when it comes to the important aspects. For instance, its official website doesn’t mention anything about its history and who’s running it. Polomano does have an ‘About Us’ section, but it doesn’t actually say anything important about its products and the company itself. All it says is that the products are inspired by Italy’s authentic style.

This is a huge red flag because how can you trust a company that isn’t transparent? You’ll only be left frustrated and full of questions if you run into any problems regarding your order and you don’t know where to turn to.

Return & Refund Policies

According to the site, Polomano gives customers the chance to return their items within 14 days after receiving them. However, every exception has a rule, and Polomano’s case, it’s the following:

  • Damaged (NOT defective) items
  • Dirty or stained items
  • Items that have been changed or modified
  • Items that aren’t in their original packaging

As long as the item you want to return doesn’t hit any of the above-mentioned marks, you should still be able to return it.

Tracking & Shipping

On Polomano’s FAQ page, it states there that the company usually processes the orders within 2 to 7 business days. And within 5 to 12 days after placing the order, that’s when orders are usually packed and shipped to their respective owners. International customers will have to wait a while though, as deliveries typically take about 2 to 8 weeks to arrive. As for U.S. domestic deliveries, these usually arrive around 2 to 14 business days.

Is Polomano a Scam?

It wouldn’t be fair to you if we recommend Polomano, in all honesty. Based on online reviews, and the fact that the company isn’t transparent about itself, it’s clear that you won’t have a positive experience when shopping here. Here are some of the most common Polomano complaints on review sites such as TrustPilot:

  • Customers have difficulty receiving their expected refund or exchange item.
  • The product you receive may not look like the apparel in the product listing.
  • Many customers reported that Polomano’s customer service is terrible.
  • After months of waiting, there are customers who never received their order.


Polomano may have a snazzy and minimalist website, and along with the discounted rates, it may be really tempting to shop there for trendy apparel. However, given the countless negative reviews about this company and people’s terrible experiences, we recommend that you stay away from this site and check out alternatives instead. When it comes to online shopping, it’s always best if you go for retailers with a good reputation ahead of them so at least you know it’s worth it.

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