August 9, 2022

PTZ Camera Advantages and Drawbacks

A PTZ security camera or any PTZ for other uses has its advantages and drawbacks. While these advanced cameras are optimal for live-streaming and security purposes, they may not meet everyone’s needs.

Let’s learn more about what you can expect your camera to offer.

What exactly is a PTZ camera?

If you’re scratching your head, wondering, “what are PTZ cameras?” they’re cameras that are designed to do three main things very well:

  1. Pan
  2. Tilt
  3. Zoom

These types of cameras have changed the world of everything, from security to television production and even sporting events. 


Utilizing the PTZ controllers, it’s possible for production teams to remotely work on production from one central location. If the right setup is in place, multiple cameras can be controlled and manipulated at once to capture activities in large areas.


If you’re planning on capturing video for live events, television, or movies, PTZ cameras offer many benefits. The option to use a PTZ allows for:

  • Monitoring from remote locations
  • Combining PTZ with standalone, fixed cameras
  • Pan and tilt the camera for accurate angles
  • Zoom in or out using the PTZ to capture in-the-moment details

However, on a more defined level, the strength of PTZ cameras is most evident in the following circumstances:

  1. Large monitoring area. Monitoring large areas is routinely difficult with static cameras and demands a lot of them. PTZ cameras can be set up to empower you to capture even large areas, such as sports fields, without an issue. If an area is too vast, capturing media with a fixed camera will be unviable. However, PTZ cameras will make the process fast and easy.
  2. Control. The option to manually control a PTZ camera means that there’s the opportunity to follow targets and even zoom in on them if they’re trying to escape the camera’s viewpoint.
  3. Tours. Finally, you can create a tour for the camera that follows predefined patterns. For example, you can put the camera on tour to capture a security entrance point.

You’ll find that the right PTZ camera offers an abundance of features and functionality, which make them an optimal choice for security and video production.


PTZ cameras have specific use cases, which will make them highly useful. However, there are times when a PTZ has drawbacks. A few of the minor drawbacks that you may experience with these cameras are:

  • Cost is a major hurdle, and if you don’t have the budget for a PTZ, it’s definitely a drawback. The cost justifies the advanced features, but it may be too high for amateur videographers and production teams.
  • View limitation. Setting up the PTZ takes time. If you need to change a viewpoint to a new location well outside of the unit’s field of view, it will take more time to do so.

One of the ways to capture larger areas with a PTZ camera is to use a PTZ with multiple fixed cameras. If production teams have enough of a budget, they can overcome many of the drawbacks and greatly enhance production quality in the process.

Is a PTZ camera right for you?

PTZ cameras may or may not be worth it for your own needs. You may want to invest in these cameras if you:

  • Need to monitor large areas
  • Require cameras to follow specific capturing patterns
  • Work in the sporting or entertainment industry
  • Plan to live stream major events

PTZ cameras are complex and advanced. The right camera will offer you the option to pan, tilt and zoom in on subjects, which you may or may not need. If you’re snapping photos or the space is smaller in size, you may not need a camera as powerful as a PTZ.

However, if you do need to monitor large spaces or can benefit from remote control options, you may want to consider a PTZ camera.

In conclusion

Even a cheap PTZ camera will offer the advanced features and functions necessary for high-end video production and security. If you need to capture live video and crisp audio, there are PTZ options in every budget.

And with the advanced PTZ camera control options, you’ll have an easy time adjusting the camera to meet your production or security demands.

About the author 

Kyrie Mattos

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