October 25, 2018

PUBG 0.9.0 Update Release Date, Tencent PUBG Mobile Update Time In India

PUBG 0.9.0 Update Release Date, Tencent PUBG Mobile Update Time In India – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, informally known as PUBG is the shooting game that’s everywhere now. It is a multiplayer online battle royal game that was created by taking the inspiration from Battle Royale movie. After becoming a huge hit on its PC version and the Xbox One world, the game finally arrived in smartphones only to be limited to China earlier, but now available all over the planet Earth. However, there was a way to install it on your smartphones outside of China.

PUBG 0.9.0 Update Release Date, Tencent PUBG Mobile Update Time In India

The game was first released for Microsoft Windows in beta version in March 2017 and the full version was released in December 2017. In the same month, the game was also released by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One. And a few months later, PUBG was localized and released by Tencent Games in China, while two mobile versions based on the game for Android and iOS were also released.


If you’re a PUBG fan and playing in a location other than China, then you will soon receive a new invitation. It is the latest update of PUBG Mobile English Beta 0.9 APK Global Version and asks its users to download. Surprisingly, the game occupies 1.2 GB space of your device’s memory and works best on Wi-Fi networks. It packs new play locations, the most awaiting Miramar desert map, and Erangel update.

What is PUBG Mobile Game all about?

100 members fly over a deserted island and skydive down from a plane on a remote island. They have to survive until the end using the weapons they could find to kill others. As time passes, the place or playable area in the island minimizes. If anyone stays outside the circle. they die automatically. So, the players have to remain within the area or the circle that makes the game more challenging.

pubg skydive

The players cannot hide in one place and wait for others to show up, but they have to move to get to the playable zone. Players can arm themselves with weapons and protective gear they find near the opponents after killing them. The rate of survival and killing rivals depends on the quality and range of weapons one has.

A few hours into Battlegrounds, you get an idea that everything, even the smallest detail in the game has a purpose. The more you play, the more you learn how to speak Battlegrounds.


How to Install PUBG Mobile English Beta 0.9 on Android:

With an Invitation:

If you’re already a PUBG gamer, then you will be invited to the PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 beta updating through the Mail section of the home screen under the “System” message tab. The message reads as follows: “You have been selected to try the new version of PUBG Mobile. Please download the client. Join the Discord group where you can provide feedback, interact with us and get rewards: https://discord.gg/pubgm.”

PUBG Mobile 0.5 version invitation

Click on the link and the game will download on your device. Install it and enjoy the game.

Without an Invitation:

If you’re a PUBG gamer and didn’t get an invitation to try the new version, here’s what you have to do.

Requirements for PUBG Mobile Beta iOS Installation – iPhone 5S or above on iOS 9 and Android 4.4 or above with 2GB RAM.

PUBG mobile game shooting

1. Download PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 from the Google Play Store (when available).

2. Install the PUBG Mobile app and login with your Facebook account.

3. Once installed, open it.

pubg mobile game friend voice chat

4. PUBG will now start and download its data.

5. After the data downloads, you can start playing the game. That’s all.

The current shipping version of PUBG Mobile is 0.8.0 internationally, and while version 0.6.1 is already in use in China. In fact, gamers in China who are part of the beta channel are already testing out version 0.7.0 which is likely some way off being made available to the rest of the world. If you’re having any queries related to PUBG 0.9.0 Update Release Date, Tencent PUBG Mobile Update Time In India, please make sure to comment below.

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