April 12, 2021

How To Install Puffin TV on Firestick

Puffin TV is one of the most popular browsers out there, and many have requested its developers to make the app available on Fire OS and Android TV. When the wish was fulfilled, so many streaming device users dropped other web browsers and immediately turned to Puffin TV. Now, Puffin TV Browser has millions of users, and the app is only getting better with each update released.

It’s easy to download Puffin TV on Android TV, as the app can be found on the Google Play Store. But what about on the Amazon Firestick or Fire TV? The process is much longer, but it’s still fairly simple. Thankfully, this guide will run you through all the steps you need to take if you want to install Puffin TV on Firestick.

How To Install Puffin TV on Firestick

To begin, start up your Firestick  and go to the Settings page.

Select My Fire TV.

Scroll down and click Developer Options.

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources by turning it ON. This step is important because you won’t be able to download and install Puffin TV if you won’t allow third-party apps.

Confirm by tapping Turn On.

Now, return to the Firestick’s home screen and hover on the Search icon. Type Downloader using the on-screen keyboard or use Voice Search, whichever is more convenient for you.

Once you’re on the app’s download page, simply click the Download or Get button, depending on what you see on your end.

Once the Downloader app has been successfully installed to your Firestick, you can proceed to launching the app.

If it’s your first time using Downloader, you should see this prompt appear on your screen. Click Allow to proceed.

Tap OK to dismiss.

Now, you’re one step closer to gaining access to the Puffin TV app. Tap on the field where you’re instructed to enter a URL.

With the on-screen keyboard, type in the URL: troypoint.com/app. We won’t be downloading Puffin TV just yet. We have to download a different app called Aptoide first.

Wait a bit while the app is downloading. It shouldn’t take too long.

Tap on Install.

This installation loading screen will appear, but it will disappear as soon it’s done.

Since you won’t be needing the file anymore, you can go ahead and delete it. This way, you can free up some internal storage at the same time.

Tap Delete again to confirm.

Go ahead and launch the Aptoide TV app.

As usual, click Allow.

On the home screen, you should be able to see the Puffin TV app right away. If not, you can also search it. Click on the Puffin TV app once you’ve found it.

Click on the Install button.

Wait again while the app downloads.

Once Puffin TV has successfully been downloaded and installed, you’ll see this prompt. You can either press Done if you want to open the app later, but in this case, let’s go ahead and click Open to launch the app.

You’re all done! Your Firestick now has Puffin TV, and you can use this fantastic browser at any time on your streaming device.

Puffin TV’s user interface is organized and straightforward. As you can see, you can search or type a URL from the home page already.


As far as we can tell, Puffin TV on Firestick works well and doesn’t have any issues that could provide a negative experience to its users. Perhaps the only downside is that as of this writing, you can’t download files via Puffin TV Browser yet. If you do try to download, you’ll only receive an error. As such, it’s recommended that you download through the Downloader app or a different browser.

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